Sinterklaas evening - How do we celebrate that?

"It is 5:55 PM. Run! Yes, let that dessert stand for a while, we eat it that way. Hup behind the TV! "I plop down first. The Sinterklaas news will begin in five minutes. The party that I have been looking forward to for months. I think this is the greatest party of the year. All mystery, the big book, knocking on the windows and the crazy pietenstreken. Blessed! Who can not enjoy this now.

Put on the shoe

β€œSinterklaas Kapoentje, throw some in my shoe.
Throw something in my boot, thank you Sinterklaas.

The next morning the children bounce down the stairs and see a note in their shoes. "Greetings from the Rommepiet". They look at each other quizzically and walk to the room. Suddenly they see chairs upside down on the table, all the toys in the bathroom and find their shoes in the fridge. The entire Sinterklaas experience starts long before Sinterklaas evening or Pakjesavond. Enjoy that entire period of the Sintfestijn. It's over before you know it.


It has been a tradition for years. That good old man comes to the Netherlands with the steamer and brings a smile to the face of every child. Do you want to celebrate it in a different way than the traditional bag full of presents? Read here a few tips from Saints Peter (secretly stops a pepernoot in her mouth in between, which is actually too early in the store, but so addictive).


You probably know. Children who walk into the classroom with mega big surprises for a classmate. I still remember the big nail polish surprise that I made together with my mother for a girlfriend. How proud I was of the meter-high nail polish that we had made from cardboard. This way of celebrating Sinterklaas is of course also possible at home. Draw lots and choose together whether you want to write down gift ideas or not. Nowadays you can also digitally draw lots on: That makes it super fair.

Sinterklaas game

An exciting game. Because you never know if you are going to win gifts. What you are sure of is an evening full of fun. There are several variants, the basis is as follows:


Discuss with family and / or friends how many presents are bought, how much can be spent on gifts and how many presents are chosen from your own house. Of course it can also be a mix of the above points.


Make sure you have a dice and tickets. On these cards are assignments, such as:
- Each moves one place to the right
- Give a gift to the youngest (and / or oldest) player
- Get a drink for everyone
- Grab a gift from the person with the most gifts
- Choose one gift that is in front of you, you can keep it
- Give all your gifts to those with the least gifts
- Exchange one gift with the player to your left
- Open a gift
- Sing a Sinterklaas song
- Everyone moves three places to the right
- Etcetera

There are also websites that have already made tickets. You only have to print it out. Nice and easy, because life is sometimes hectic enough. Especially around the holidays. Did you print out the tickets? Get them through the laminator before you cut them. Then you can enjoy it for years!


And then the time has come. Sinterklaas-eve! 5th of December. Our heart beats with anticipation. Of course, all watches can be removed, mobile phones at a standstill and out of reach, and a tea towel is hung over the clock. Fun is timeless and we go on until the last gingerbread crumb.

Everyone sits in the circle. The presents are packed on a pile (preferably next to each other in terms of fragile gifts, but the pile sounds so good), one person puts the timer, but does not say what time he has set. At least pretty long, because when the timer goes off, the game is over. And then the game starts. I already feel the tension and the jitters going through my body.

Round 1

Choose two numbers, for example 3 & 4. When you throw this figure you can choose a gift and put it in front of you. The choice of whether the gift is made open lies with the player. If he wants to open it he can do this immediately. If he prefers to leave the gift, the gift will remain wrapped up for the rest of the game. Except when a card is drawn that you have to open a gift. Once all gifts have been distributed, the next round begins.

Round 2

The tickets are caught. You can choose to draw a ticket at 3 & 4. For the other figures you can determine together what happens, an example:

1 = Nothing happens
2 = Give away a gift
3 = Take a card
5 = Move to the right
4 = Take a card
6 = Nothing happens

You continue to play dice until the timer goes off. The longer you play, the more you feel the tension. In the end I always become wobbly. Especially when I see that the present I want to have is with someone else.

"Hurry up! Take a present from someone else "
"Give that die, Max. Do not walk around like that! "


Besides the pepernoten, chocolate milk, mice and frogs that should not be missed. You can also unpack the food together. Let everyone take something with them. Start the evening at 17:00 and have dinner together. Grandpa and grandmother make pea soup, brother loves to make rye bread with bacon, sister takes the bar and the host takes care of the drinks. So you have a whole long evening full of fun with a well-filled belly and the costs are spread.

Gift bank

The Netherlands is beautiful. Because there is a Sinterklaas bank in our country. Huh, she writes Sinterklaasbank? You read that correctly. Instead of the food bank, they have toys here for families who have less breadth. So all children have a nice Sinterklaas party with presents. Oudersenzo has been working on this for a couple of years. Many new toys and children's books that we receive are donated to

Thank you Sinterklaas

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