Tips for a successful picnic

If you ask me what I like most about the summer, then you always get the answer from me: picnic. I really love to pick picnics! With a well-filled picnic basket and cooler bag, pulling into each other's nature in search of a beautiful, peaceful place to empty the bag again and / or drink. Lying on a rug, enjoying each other, the sun and the peace of nature. Life can not be more beautiful. And an additional benefit: it does not even have to cost that much! After all, you do eat and drink at home too!
To make you as enthusiastic as picnicking as I do, I would like to share my picnic tips with you!

Tip 1: The location

Choose a suitable location! It does not matter whether this is forest, nature reserve or beach, but choose an area where you can feel free. Do not you want to lug too much? Make sure that your picnic area is easily accessible with (for example) the bicycle. That idyllic spot behind the three-headed sand hill, is perhaps completely crazy, but that spot is really less beautiful if you have to carry two hours in the burning sun with your picnic equipment. The romance quickly disappears, gasping for breath.

Tip 2: Good stuff

A professional will say: good tools are half the work. And he is right. Of course you can make it as crazy as you want at a picnic, but I am very fond of picnicing with a real picnic basket. The advantage of such a basket: everything you might need to be able to eat, is just there already. It is a one-time purchase that you can enjoy for a long time!

The Cool Bag cooler bag from Car-Bags

And then of course the cooler bag. You can buy those hard coolers, but they often empty quite a lot. You can therefore better opt for a light cooler bag, such as the Cool Bag cooler bag from Car-Bags. You can store no less than 15 liters in the bag and it is made of sturdy nylon. That is a big advantage because it is not only strong, but the bag weighs (empty) almost nothing. This makes the bag ideal for storing (and transporting) your food and drinks for the picnic.

Not only during the picnic

This bag is also perfectly suited to keep the drinks and snacks cool during a long drive. He is wide at the bottom (so there is a lot in) and narrow at the top (so that your legroom is limited as little as possible). When you put it against the front of your chair, you hardly suffer from it.

Extra storage space

The Cool Bag has a zipper pocket on the front and elastic pockets on both sides, so you can put all kinds of things into it (which does not have to be cool). With the adjustable shoulder strap you can hang it on your shoulders so that you have your hands free for other things. A suitcase, bag, your partner or the hand of your child so that he can not run away.

Price and availability

The Cool Bag cooler bag is available for € 29.95 at

No basket? What does it have to do with it?

If you do not have a fully equipped picnic basket, what should it do with it? Okay, a handy checklist:
Plates, cutlery, glasses / cups, napkins, bag (for the waste), trays, a cutting board, a rug, a corkscrew and a pocket knife (or other sharp knife).

What are we eating today?

And then of course the most important thing, the food and drinks! You're a day out, so it's all pretty festive. In any case, take care of your favorite drinks and keep them cool in the cooler bag. If you still have to drive (in the car) you can of course better choose soft drinks or a delicious smoothy, but if you are on the bike, then of course a more exciting drink can be drunk.


What it always does well are different sandwiches. You can invest this beforehand and bring it ready-made. Keep them fresh in the cooler bag. You can choose to keep the raw vegetables separate, so that it remains crispy and does not get dull.


Fruit also always works well! Especially during hot days it is nice to eat fruit. To avoid craziness, it is best to clean the fruit at home and take it in vacuum containers. Consider for example: strawberries, (water) melon, blueberries (very healthy) or cherries.

Do not feel like sandwiches?

Do not feel like sandwiches? Then you can also opt for pancakes. Preferably homemade (because tastier) but you can also get them ready-made in the supermarket. How tasty with fresh fruit and a generous dot of whipped cream! That will be feasting!
Or filled wraps! Easy to prepare in advance and delicious to eat! Wrap in with herb cheese, add some lettuce (or spinach leaves) and then fish or meat of your choice, roll up and ready! Pack in foil and hopla the cooler bag!

Cold soup

Do you want to completely unpack? Then you can of course also bring a soup. Hot food if you keep it in a thermos, but cold soups are actually delicious too! And some soups are perfect for that! Or how about a delicious homemade quiche! You can already make this the evening before.

Raw vegetables with a dip

More from the vegetable? That is also easy to do during the picnic. Especially raw vegetables! Pre-cleaning and in vacuum containers the raw food can stay fresh and crunchy. Delicious dipping sauce based on yoghurt or crème fraîche, and enjoy!

Salad is always good

Or how about a delicious salad! Salads always do well - almost everyone - in summer. Nice and fresh, light and healthy.

Special occasion?

Of course you can give the picnic a certain theme and then tailor all products accordingly. Very considerate to pamper your partner who is totally crazy about Italy, or to get in the mood for that approaching holiday in Spain.

No idea how it is with you, but it tickles me! I'm in the mood for summer, I'm looking forward to a picnic!

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