Pregnancy calendar - Development of pregnancy per week

You are pregnant, of course you want to follow the pregnancy closely, keep track of all developments and know what is happening. With this pregnancy calendar, you can follow the pregnancy per week. In addition, you will find all kinds of tips that are useful in that week.

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You have discovered that you are pregnant and of course you want to know immediately when you have been calculated ... A pregnancy lasts about forty weeks, or 280 days, calculated from the first day of your last menstruation. This is an average, because in principle you have five weeks to give birth (from week 37 to week 42).

During the first consultation with the midwife, the Large Date will undoubtedly be calculated, but if you want to know before, take a quick look at the table below. The table is made on the basis of the Rule of Naegele and works as follows:

1. take the first day of the last menstruation
2. add up to nine months
3. Then add a week

Keep in mind that very few babies are born on the due date!
Do you want to calculate it faster? Then surf to this page and you can know it within a few seconds!

Pregnancy calendar - Development of pregnancy per week

Great that you are pregnant - probably for about four or six weeks ... It is a pity that you are not aware from day 1 of this unique process that is taking place in your body. But do not worry, in our pregnancy calendar you can see from week 1 what happens during your pregnancy: how your child develops step by step, his height and weight, what changes your body goes through, and all sorts of tips, advice and fun facts. You can see how your pregnancy runs in the overview below. Click quickly on the week you are in!

Every pregnancy is different and the information given in this weekly overview speaks of averages. If you are concerned about the development of your child, or if you have other questions or doubts, discuss this during the checks at your midwife or doctor. Your pregnancy is unique and your personal experience counts heavier than averages.

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