Flawless creativity with Crayola

Is your fridge also so full of colorful artworks? Here he hangs so full now and then that I can not even find the handle of the fridge to open it. If it really gets out of hand, I'll remove a few more drawings or coloring pages or replace a number for new creative explosions. In any case, I never have to be afraid that the refrigerator is bald.

Expressing their experience

Children like to draw. They can show the world in a pure way with their drawings, as they experience it. How beautiful is that! Maybe it's a bit tricky in the first few years to really get something out of it, but of course you can ask your child questions about what he has signed. He can confidently explain to you that the black scratch is your dog and that the red circle is the cat of the neighbors. That you do not see that!

The creative toddler

As you draw, your toddler improves his eye / hand coordination. He does not, of course, make that conscious, but that is playful. It is also a great exercise for his fine motor skills. Of course you do not have to expect artworks from him directly, but that is not important either. The most important thing is that he enjoys it. Over the years, those lines, stripes and scratches automatically turn into the well-known cup butter! Never heard of a cup nut? Well that is exactly as it sounds, a head with legs. That's about how a toddler sees us. We have a head and we have four limbs. That there are even more body parts is absolutely not important to him. These are the most important parts for him, so he will be the first to sign.

The creative toddler

As a toddler, his observations are becoming increasingly accurate. For example, the top and bottom become clearer, the drawings more extensive and you will also discover more and more color. From one year to six, details become more important. People often remain central in the drawings, but that is not surprising. The people around him play an important role in his life. At this age there is also a lot more feeling for color.


Nice to hear that coloring and drawing, but sometimes the creative explosion of your toddler has a lesser effect on his clothes, the table or the wallpaper. Try to get those spots out again. Which toddler has not 'decorated' the wallpaper with his markers. I'm not happy about it, but I understand. How challenging is such a huge drawing sheet after all ?! I bet that he even thinks he's having fun with you. You think his drawings are so great after all? But if he has indulged in your muscular white wallpaper, you will not be happy with that. Try to get it off again.

Color Wonder line Crayola

That is what Crayola has done super! I must honestly admit that I was skeptical at first when I heard about 'The Color Wonder product line of Crayola'. Have you heard of it? This product line consists of 'magical' felt-tip pens and coloring books with which you could not tamper. In fact, the pens could only be used in the coloring books of Crayola itself. So not on their clothes, the wall or the table. Not even on an empty piece of paper. So I was pretty curious because I almost could not believe it. From Crayola I received two sets to try. A coloring book by Bumba and a coloring book with blank sheets on which sonic could make a colorful creation.


Loves drawing

My son (10) loves to draw, so he wanted to try out the new pens. I did not tell him deliberately that he would not be able to mess with these felt tips. I provided him with the blank drawing book and the accompanying Color Wonder markers, and in the meantime he put in the dishwasher. After fifteen minutes I heard him busy at his desk and I decided to take a pulse. He had already set up a nice work of art.

I moved with him to join him. I tried out the markers on a blank white sheet of paper. To my great astonishment there was indeed nothing to see. I tested it once again on the table and the wallpaper, but there was indeed no spot to discover. The only color I saw was in Crayola's drawing book. Wow! I should have had this set years ago! That had done a lot of cleaning and washing!

More more more!

The Color Wonder box consists of a coloring book and 5 markers. There is a choice of different themes so that there will definitely be one or more themes that your child likes. Consider, for example, coloring books by K3, Maya the bee, Bumba, Paw Patrol, Terrible Me, Frozen, et cetera. And is there no theme at all that your child likes? Then you can always opt for the neutral drawing block. It looks very cheerful and because he can not mess, you can also stay happy, because shooting with your marker from the drawing block on the table, really does not matter at all.

In order to avoid frustration, it is important that you tell your child that the color takes a moment to wait before he shows up. The color goes with a small delay. That does not mean that the pens do not work, but it takes a while (fraction of a second) that the color lights up. It is important to know this beforehand.

Holiday tip!

This is really a super package to take with you on vacation! Children can enjoy themselves in the car or on the plane, and you do not have to worry about whether they can not subjugate the stuff! Do you want to discover it yourself? A Color Wonder box is already available for 9.99.

Sometimes image says more than words ...

Of course I can tell you very well that it does not make spots, but sometimes the image says more than 100 words. Hence this video:

Video: Crayola - Creativity Play Station

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