Telepathy in children: A special experience

Telepathy in children: A special way of communicating.

I have known for a while that my son, a new-age child, is. Actually, I know that since he was born. The look in his eyes when he was barely born, the speed of learning in the months afterwards and the frustration when he did not manage to talk for four months ... You saw that he tried it and his mind wanted to, but his body could take this pace do not follow. For him, his verbal development was of vital importance. No wonder that the WisQ recently showed that his verbal intelligent indicated an IQ of 139 ... Communicating is for my son, Rocco, (now 6 years) a bit of life.

Telepathy - Another way of communicating

New age children have the ability to communicate on a different level, telepathically. They are able to absorb unspoken words and thoughts. They are sensitive and can often feel which emotions go through you. If a (new-age) child asks you if you are sad, do not say 'No', if it is. It is the confirmation they need, that what they feel is right. In this way they learn to deal with it. In the case of denial they seek doubt in themselves: 'Then I certainly felt wrong.'
Some may have to get used to it, but it also produces beautiful, special or funny moments. Like recently with us ...

Invisible pirate treasures

Rocco was playing with his foster brother 'Pirate'. They had a pirate boat and were looking for treasures. Rocco made sure that he was just a bit faster than his two-year-younger foster brother with collecting imaginary treasures. More like a displacement of a pile of air, however, the treasures were not. But in the imagination of a child, everything is possible.
At one moment, Rocco left the room, to pick up something on top of his room. As soon as he was upstairs, his foster brother smelled his chance ... He took a lot of air from the boat, walked over to me and said very quietly: "I have picked the treasures of Rocco, ssst ..." and then put a pile of air on my lap . I played the game - even though my foster son turned and could not see what I was doing - and pretended to hide the treasures behind the TV.
Rocco came back downstairs, walked into the living room and his first words were: "Who stole my treasures! And where are they hidden? "
It remained silent in the room ... His foster brother did not dare to say anything and I was slightly surprised at the fact that he apparently knew that his treasures had been 'stolen'.
The next moment Rocco turned around, went to the TV, grabbed a heap of air from behind the TV and said, "Well, now I have my treasures back".

Just know

A beautiful and special moment. When I ask him a little later: "How did you know that?" Rocco replied: "No idea, a voice in my head said it and then I just knew it". And that's the same for him: 'just'. Normal and normal. There is nothing strange about this way of communicating. It may be 'different' from what we were used to, but not strange. However, it is something to be reckoned with. Imagine when you are able to pick up the emotions of others in addition to your own emotions and thoughts. What chaos will it be in your head ... And that happens with these children too. Rocco sometimes comes to me and says: "Mommy, I have so many different emotions in my head, I do not know what to do with it." Then I point him to a simple visualization exercise, which he teaches himself to finish. Close. This exercise is as follows:
Close your eyes and try to imagine that there is a very large egg around you. You are in the middle of it and you feel completely safe. At the top of the egg there is a hole and through that hole beautiful white energy flows.
The first time I did this exercise with him, I had the idea that he could not do anything with it. He hardly reacted and muttered something of 'okay'. Until a few weeks later my partner and I had an argument and Rocco suddenly exclaimed: "Keep going, I do not notice anything. I am safe in my egg. "He had indeed included it, in fact: he could even apply it at the right time!

Prevent and support

In spiritual circles, telepathic thinking is sometimes called 'the new thinking'. Of course it is not really new, because for centuries there are people who are clairvoyant, -speaking or -knowing and can absorb your thoughts and emotions. What is new is that more and more children are born who have access to this way of communicating and that will only become more in the future. And in the course of the years, 'new' or 'different' will become the new 'normal'. However, it is important that you take your child seriously and also try to guide him. For some, this will be a bit difficult.
You can imagine that children who are able to pick up emotions and thoughts from others can get a huge load of stimulation during the day. This can sometimes become too much, so that children can start to show hyperactive behavior. An important source of incentives is, for example, the TV and in particular the children's programs of the commercial broadcasters. These programs often consist of fast images and give more stimuli than the children's brain (but it also applies to adults) in a reasonable time. This creates one overload to stimuli. The discharge of these stimuli often manifests itself in hyperactive behavior.
By minimizing watching TV - at least - and limiting it exclusively to quiet programs (for example, a beautiful documentary, is also educational), your child's hyperactivity will decrease visibly. If you explain to him that this measure is not a 'punishment', but that these programs (and / or amount of TV) are not good for him, he will admit this in his heart and if you ask for his opinion, do not be surprised about the fact that he will even agree ...

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