Farewell poems for the funeral letter

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So sweet
So special
So dear
As a flower so fragile
A farewell so heavy
We will never forget you.

Every farewell means the birth of a memory.
Salvador Dali

When life is suffering, rest is good

Your book is slammed
But for us all pages are from that book
the sweetest and most beautiful memory
a man so special
that we will never forget.

So many types of sadness
I do not call them
But renounce and divorce
And not cutting does such a pain,
But it's cut off.
M. Vasalis

Say goodbye to you
from the outside.

But one day to live
One day to fight.
Your life in one day
For a lifetime.

God has given and God has taken

I am safe in His hands.

Saying goodbye, you do not want that,
it hurts, gives a lot of grief.
Saying goodbye this time
"It's good, you do not fight anymore".

Those who can enjoy their memories live twice.

Very unexpected
but with all the trimmings
did you leave us?
You have fought bravely
but your chance was so small
we are very proud
that we could be your dad and mommy.

We do not know, we will never understand
why a lifetime is shortened.
Why one flower may ripen to fruit
the other already in the bud withers.

Birth and death
beginning and end
two extremes in life
who came together at one time

Never will we understand the why
Life has its own plan
But all that laughs and breathes
You were a particle of that.

Nobody can know that
How much I love you.
Nobody can comfort me
In my sorrow for you.
Nobody will understand that
How awful I miss you.
Nobody will realize that
How bad that pain is.

You were born to say goodbye.
We wanted to give you so much love.
You will always live in our hearts.

His birth was met with love and patience
Unfortunately his life was too short
But in our hearts he will live forever.

A small miracle had almost become a reality.
It did not have to be that way.

Too many too small a lot too soon?

Born to say goodbye?

What's inside of you,
what is decided in your heart,
take with you forever
Marleen Weusten
From: 'Infinite Love', ISBN 90-806390-3-6

From the earth
I keep thinking about you
because there in the country
of thoughts and dreams
I can be my dearest
wish to donate
I send them up
along sunrays
that with their warmth
translate my love

Wherever you are
I would not know
not to measure in time or distance
but I have you with me
deep inside me
that is why you are always close ...

I'll see you in front of me
so incredibly small
but very beautiful
to be proud of
I was not allowed to get to know you
I could not be a mother to you
it hurts
the people forget
Ah, they had to know
how beautiful you were
then they understand
that I can not let you go so quickly
you are still in my head every day
they do not want to hear about it
but you are really born
you were our child
even if you were so small

Such a vulnerable girl and strong at the same time
we felt so rich with you
But unfortunately, you were sick and you could not take it anymore
torn by sorrow we had to let you go
And even if only for a moment in our lives
you have given us a lot of love
Despite all the lack and the pain
you will always be with us

Only your little body has been taken away from us,
Not what you said or what you were?

There is no end and no beginning
on this trip, no future without a past,
only this wonderfully split long present.
M. Vasalis

(Submitted) Farewell poems

Love has wanted to be together.
Is true love possible?
On the funeral card of: Nick Dumay *

With wings so small
An angel was born
These wings brought him
Where angels belong.
On the funeral card of: Nick Dumay *

Two flowers picked too early, which will never wither us.
On the funeral card of: Jesse and Lotte van Loosen *

Received in love, relinquished with sorrow so small, so perfect, so not destined to us for an earthly existence but born of love and gone in love
On the funeral card of: Nathan *

The morning was behind the mist ... The birds awoke A gentle wind whispered A new life YOU .... So small and so helpless So perfect ... I called you love The Monday morning took your life The birds went to sleep The wind said goodbye My tears about you Born to say goodbye
On the funeral card of: homemade *

We wanted to give you so much love, and you so loved it in our lives. It was not allowed to be, and that hurts a lot. We can not forget you, we will have to learn to live with this great sadness ...
On the funeral card of: Daan Verbunt *

You are our sweet little star, but we have never seen you radiate.
On the mourning card of: Kyara van Baal *

This broken biscuit symbolizes that we have learned a lot about our son. Would you like to have eaten with you, it was difficult, you may know that. A multiple choice, but the right choice was not there. It feels like the least bad, and we leave it at that.
On the mourning card of: Kruimeltje Knaven *

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