Free download - Yet you always hear ...

Free download - Yet you always hear ...

Music is emotion ... Music is inextricably linked to feeling and there is no better way than to express your feelings with notes, instead of words. But a combination of the right notes and words can only really work wonders ...
Music gives you the opportunity to give something personal to the funeral or cremation of your child. In addition, music offers you the freedom to say goodbye, to let your feelings, thoughts, grief and love take you to a place where you can be alone with your memories. From that moment on you can always be very close to this feeling when you hear those same notes again at a later time. And that makes music so valuable ... it makes memories live again, so that they will never be lost.

Of course, the choice of music for everyone is different, as is evident from our Uitvaartmuzieklijst. However, if you look closely at this list, there may be some very nice songs, but only few who know how to cover the right load ... But do not our angels deserve any more? A beautiful, serene and dignified farewell is sometimes the only thing we can give them and with a nice farewell, beautiful music. An own song, written especially for angels ... and found KSK Productions, Wieteke van Dort, Tom Pearce, Hans Meijer and music studio The Box ready - completely free of charge, but full of enthusiasm and conviction - to release a song especially for our angels.
A unique concept that has been developed into a wonderful result. 'Yet you always hear bij 'is a song specially written for babies who have to say goodbye to us before, during or just after the delivery ...
Because we in no way want to earn from this great grief, this song is free (legally) to download from us.

Yet you always hear ...

To download the music, use the right mouse button to select 'Save target as ...'.
The song is only intended for (private) use or play during funerals. It is not possible to offer the song elsewhere as a free download. If you would like to point out to your visitors the existence of this song, you can do so by means of a link to this page.

Paid download: Help!

Besides the possibility to download the song for free you can also opt for a paid download of the beautiful 'Still you always hear'. The proceeds of these downloads will be used to issue a free information booklet for parents after the death of their child. You can only say goodbye once, that has to be as careful as possible. You can arrange a beautiful, personal funeral for your child only if you know what is possible. We hope to inform young parents with this booklet (without obligation and objectively) so that they can say goodbye to their deceased child in a proper and loving way. Sometimes this is the only thing that parents can do for their child ...
You can download the mp3 via the following link:

The establishment

What was your first reaction to the question of to make a special song for Farewell and Loss?

I remember that very well, that was short and to the point: "Yes, we will do that!"

The song can be downloaded for free on, so you do not really care about it here. What is your motive to do this anyway?

Well, motive ... it is especially emotional. If you only think about what it would be like to lose a child, then that immediately takes hold of you. If there is anything you can do to help someone who has actually experienced this, then you do that. We hope that with this song everyone who experiences this, or has experienced a very little support.
We also hope to initiate and maintain the conversation on this subject. It turns out to be a huge taboo, and many people who have lost a baby feel that they are not really allowed to mourn. And that must be broken.

Did the first song come about easily?
Is making a song for Farewell and Loss more difficult than a neutral nursery rhyme? Do you take into account certain things?

Making the song was very nice to do. The text is based on a poem by Marion Middendorp (owner of Oudersenzo) that she wrote after her son Nicky had died. It was certainly not difficult to 'Still you always belong' in the artistic sense. That went as it were automatically and it was especially beautiful to do, even though it is sometimes quite emotional.
When we made the demo Marion was very happy with the result, but we came to the conclusion that it was more beautiful when it was sung by a woman. And we thought it would be the most beautiful thing if that was a well-known singer. And then it all started to run. Marion approached the management of Wieteke van Dort. Wieteke also reacted positively immediately. Then I asked producer Tom Pearce and recording studio The Box in Katwijk, with whom we are both good friends and many collaborators, asked if they would like to cooperate. They also both responded with a resounding "Yes!". The drums have been played by my good friend Hans Meijer. Because of the enthusiasm and love of everyone who has contributed to it, it has become one of the most beautiful projects I have ever been able to take part in.

Are there any specific plans for the future?
A whole farewell CD?

That would be very nice if we could achieve that. It is something that we definitely want to go for.

How do you like the collaboration with Can we expect more from this?

The collaboration with Oudersenzo is very positive. There is a good click between and KSK Productions. I think that there is still a lot to be expected from this collaboration and that there are a lot of fun and creative surprises.

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