Tangible memories - What do you have to do with all those photos?

You want to keep cherishing your memories and capturing them forever. Maybe you will not look back for years, but then suddenly you come across them again, for example during a cleanup attempt in the attic or in an approaching move. Beautiful pictures of your child. You let them slide through your hands one by one, while thoughts take you back in time. Photos make vivid memories again and some photos are worth a nice place to give, so that every day they keep that special memory alive.

There seems to be more and more products coming to focus on this. Think for example of photo cards that you can put down next to your child, before you take a photo, but there are also more and more options for storing your photos.

Photo cards

In the intro I mentioned them already, the photo cards. They come in all kinds, make and color. There are undoubtedly photo cards for sale that you will enjoy. You can buy them ready-made, but you can also make them yourself! If you are a bit creative, this will not be a problem. And how nice is that! Are not you so creative, do not you want to tinker or just do not have the time, no problem. There is everything for sale! Just look at these photo cards of Woezel and Pip, Pauline Oud, Oei ik groheje or Hee. With such nice cards, it is still difficult to choose.

Photo album

Then you have recorded all those beautiful or special moments - with or without a photo card - but then what? What are you going to do with your photos? I can remember from the past that I spent days looking for photos and pasting them into an album. Incidentally, this only stayed a few years, because in the end the glue dried up and the photos automatically fell out of the book. Fortunately, there are now good alternatives, such as printing your photos in a beautiful photo album. You can do this for example at Albelli.nl. Putting together an album is very simple and smooth. The album will eventually be sent to you at home. How easy do you want it to be.

Do not you like an album? Often they also have other products. For example, I made an appointment for Rocco every year for my mother, with photos from the previous year. How nice is that! My mother was very happy with it every year.

On the wall

You have nothing with albums? Then you can of course choose the very best photo and have it printed on canvas. Canvas is only one option, because you can also choose to have the photo printed on wood, plexiglass or aluminum. It is just what suits your interior. Also nice to give as a gift to grandpa and grandmother.

Photos pendulum

Have you ever heard of a photo sling? These are perfectly suitable for birthdays, weddings or other festivities. You decide which photos you want in the pendulum, so you can give a specific theme to it. With such a photo pendulum, you obviously put the party pig really in the spotlight. Fun for young and old.

Photo series

What you also see more and more often and is fun to do is a photo series. Every year you make the same kind of photo of your child. So a friend of mine made the first picture of her daughter in a wicker basket. That went well for a few years, but yes, her daughter obviously grew out of the wicker basket. That is of course not bad at all, because that way you only see the difference well. Even though she did not fit in the basket anymore, the setting remained almost the same, but at a certain moment there was no more than the basket and no longer in it. Very nice idea!
Some parents photograph their children every year on the first day of school. Also super fun to do. In this way you create a beautiful collage through the years.
There are, of course, many more examples to come up with. You can also do these moments more often instead of once a year and after about twenty you can make an accelerated video of it.

Maybe you've seen these photos on the internet before. So beautiful to keep it that way. Pure inspiration!


Of course there is nothing wrong with having your photos printed, enlarged or not. You could even hang a whole wall with large and small pictures (in frames), so that the wall reflects your life. That will probably be a very nice wall to look at.

Printing on ...

There is as much as possible to print your photo nowadays. Think for example of cups, bottles (wine), mousemat, puzzles, cushions, tiles, flip-flops (yes, I really mean that), placemats, clock, cutting board, coaster and much, much more.

How to store your digital photos

If you just shoot at random, you will soon lose track of it. Important to keep your photos clear. For example, in a root folder with subfolders that gives you clear names so that you can find everything quickly. For example, you can process the date in the subfolder name.

But how are you going to save this? It is not recommended to do this on a DVD, because the space is limited and the DVD has a limited shelf life. In addition, the question is whether in a year or 10 you will still have DVD players in the computer. Better to use a separate external hard drive for this. A separate disk, which can be connected to your computer with a USB cable. The advantage of this is that you can easily take it to another location.

You can also choose to store your photos on I-cloud, Onedrive or Dropbox. Even then you can come to your photos from multiple locations. Do not you find it a pleasant idea to keep your photos in this way (after all, you read that such files are hacked and distributed) then you better choose the external hard drive. After all, if you connect it to your PC, nobody can add it.

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