Roald Dahl day

Are you really saying that you have never heard of Roald Dahl? Maybe the name is not immediately familiar, but chances are that you have actually read or seen something from him. He is, among other things, writer of 'Sjakie and the chocolate factory' and De GVR (Large Friendly Giant), but in addition he has written much more, for young and old.

Books from Roald Dahl

My partner, unlike me, does not like reading. That is possible, there are more people, but he just happens to love the (adult) books of Roald Dahl. That says something ... The books of Roald Dahl have something surreal, something elusive, funny, sadistic and sometimes even creepy and they are always unpredictable. If you think that the story goes to the left, it goes diagonally upside down. Something like that. The stories are bizarre, crazy, strange and children love it. His books have been awarded several times by the Children's Jury.

Short and surprising twists

His stories for adults were generally short and often showed a surprising twist at the end. The books Boy and Solo are autobiographical.

Earned own day

With so much success, it is not surprising that you get your own day. And that day was yesterday (September 13) and such a special day is more than deserved!

Who is Roald Dahl?

Roald Dahl was born in 1916 in Llandaff, Cardiff (Wales) as a child of Norwegian parents, Harald Dahl and Sofie Magdalene Dahl-Hesselberg. Roald was named after the polar explorer Roald Amundsen, a national hero in Norway. He spoke at home with his parents and sisters.

His writer's career began after he was transferred by the army to Washington. His first stories were published in the Saturday Evening Post. He wrote for children and adults.
Roald Dahl died of leukemia on November 23, 1990. He is buried on the hill opposite 'Gipsy House', in Great Missenden, near London, where he lived and worked for a long time.

The five best books from Roald Dahl?

Would you also like to get acquainted with the super cute books of Roald Dahl? Then today is perhaps a beautiful and especially appropriate moment to do this.
I have put the five best books for you in a row and I can assure you that these books are fun for both young and old! That will be magical reading moments!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Of course with dot on number 1, Sjakie and the chocolate factory. What a beautifully layered story full of bizarre humor and beautiful learning moments. It is not for nothing a classic and bestseller. The beautiful illustrations by Quentin Blake make the story even more striking.

When Sjakie finds a Golden Ticket in a bar of chocolate, his deepest wish comes true: he gets a tour of the mysterious chocolate factory of Mr. Willie Wonka, the most incredible, amazing and amazing chocolate manufacturer ever.

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The great success of Sjakie is followed closely by De GVR. The GVR won a Silver Granger in 1984. A bestseller from children's book writer Roald Dahl, with beautiful drawings by award-winning illustrator Quentin Blake. A book to dream away, but especially to laugh a lot. The words of the GVR are precious!

Sofie is in bed at night, but sleep is the last thing she thinks about. In front of her window is a giant as high as a house, which picks her up and kidnaps her! But Sofie is lucky. This Giant speaks peculiarly and uses the weirdest words, but is very nice. What he tells Sofie about other giants is terrible.

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The giant crocodile

The Giant Crocodile is a fantastic children's book in full color by bestselling author Roald Dahl, with beautiful drawings in color by award-winning illustrator Quentin Blake.
While the Giant Crocodile thinks up all sorts of sneaky plans to disguise, the Nietzogrote quickly turns on the help of the other animals. They want to stop the Giant Crocodile on his hunt for tender children ...

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Joris and the mysterious magic potion

Joris lives on a farm, far from everything. On a Saturday morning he must fit his grandmother on his own, but Joris hates his grandmother, that ugly, witchy old woman. He comes up with a plan: he is going to make a magic potion for her. Everything goes well: canary seed, pork tablets, motor oil and much more.

Grandmother drinks the drink and she grows and grows. She goes through the ceiling and even through the roof! When Joris and his father decide to make more potions, the strangest things happen.

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The creeps

Mr. and Mrs. Griezel form a very special couple. They do everything to make life difficult for each other. In this way they put Giants' Cribbebers in each other's bed and they serve live Twig Spaghetti for dinner.

They are also constantly in the way of the animals. Mr. Griezel is crazy about bird pies and he has been dreaming for years of his own big upside down monkey circus. But then the animals take revenge. And how!

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What is your favorite book?

Are you already a fan of Roald Dahl? Then of course I am very curious about your favorite book! Which book did you read in your childhood? Or which book do you like to read to your children? I like to read your reactions!

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