Pregnancy calendar - Week 12

How big?

Length± 6.5 cm
Weight± 18 grams
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Suction muscles in the mouth make the cheeks more rounded, tooth buds continue to develop and salivary glands start functioning.


He can grab all the umbilical cord; this can not hurt because this fabric is very sturdy and rigid. He also sometimes stretches and goes yawning. The heart is developing further and now consists of two rooms and two front rooms. The heart now also settles in the right place. This week a layer of downy hairs is created; usually these have disappeared before delivery. He now also makes his own blood.


A milestone in pregnancy. The majority of the risky period is over. Most pregnancy ailments will also decrease now. In this period your first appointment with the midwife will probably be made. Are you still looking for a midwife in your area? Take a quick look at our spacious database!
You can now carry out a double test. This test serves for the detection of chromosomal abnormality (Down syndrome). The test is done through a blood test. Herein the content of PAPP-A and hCG is examined. The test offers no diagnosis, but only a probability calculation. The result is known within a week. (preferred test: week 10 or 11)
The flake test is possible this week. This test detects hereditary diseases and chromosomal abnormalities (Down syndrome, trisomy 13 or 18). The test is done via the vagina (11 weeks) or abdominal wall (12 weeks). Tissues from the placenta are taken to check the hereditary material. The result is reliable but does not give a definite answer about Spina bifida. There is a small risk (1%) when the test is performed via the vagina. The risk is slightly lower via the abdominal wall. The result is known within 5 to 10 days.
From week eleven to the fourteenth week it is possible to detect a chromosomal abnormality (Down syndrome) via a neck fold measurement. With an ultrasound, the thickness of the fetal fold of the fetus is measured. The result of the test is based on probability. In 3% of cases with a normal fold of the neck, the baby appears to have a chromosome or congenital defect. The result is immediately known.
In the same period (week 11 to week 14) a combination test is also possible. This test also examines the chromosomal abnormality (Down syndrome) but does this in combination with a neck fold measurement and a double test. The age of the mother is taken into account. The result of this test is also based on probability calculation. The result is known within a week.


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