Flowers and flower arrangements

Flowers belong to the special moments in life, even at death. Often flowers are seen as an expression of love for the deceased and they offer comfort to the relatives. They are hopeful signs of love, compassion and participation. Often mourning flowers are ordered right away while arranging the funeral, but if you want something special or personal, you can of course also go after it yourself.

Flowers and funeral wreaths are often taken for granted during an adult sailing trip, but do you also want it at the funeral of your child? The one finds it a beautiful sight when the small box around is decorated with (relatively) large flower arrangements, another finds that the attention of the box is too distracted. If you decide not to have flowers, or if you want to limit the quantity, you should indicate this on the mourning card, so that those present are well informed.

A single rose

If you do not want the small box to be buried, and therefore choose a limited amount of flowers, there are of course best alternatives. Because even a single flower can be a beautiful symbolism. For example, placing a single rose by mom and dad can be a beautiful symbolic gesture. An alternative can also be a bridal corsage. This may sound a little strange but bridal boutiques are small made-up mini flower arrangements. Due to the delicate appearance of these corsages, they are very suitable to lay down for example on the small box of a premature baby.


Of course it can also be (much) more exuberant. A beautiful bouquet or arrangement can get a strong symbolic value during a funeral ceremony in a different way if it is well attuned to the deceased child. Think for example of specific shapes, flowers, colors and the size.
There are also florists who have included special flower arrangements in their assortment for a children's exhibition.

Flowers, also for later

You can pick up and store a few beautiful flowers from the grave. The flowers must be prepared for storage. This can be done on the basis of drying, silver plating, plastering, bronzing, curing or by means of nitrogen.
The flowers can be stored in a certain bell jar or frame in combination with a photo, memorial card, or other personal item. That way you can have a few flowers with you for a long time, from the funeral of your child.


At a funeral it can be a nice gesture when - by all present - petals are scattered over the box. You can choose from various types of petals.

The history of mourning work

Saying goodbye and honoring the dead with flowers was already known 4,000 years ago. The oldest mourning work of the world was discovered in tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Floral wreaths or leaf wreaths were often placed on the deceased's head. From the swinging of palm branches as a sign of victory, the now known mourning branch was finally created.

The meaning of (some) flowers and colors


The sunflower always turns its head towards the sun and symbolizes the face of man turning towards the light. For believers, light has the meaning of Christ in it.

A lily stands for amiability, purity, spiritual love, fertility, purity and unity. Lilies are used a lot at funerals and are associated with death in that sense. However, the white lily is also the symbol of pure innocence and virginal love. In this capacity, the Madonna lily is spoken.

The rose has the meaning of love, joy, happiness, affection, but also vulnerability. In the first case, the red rose is pre-eminently intended as a sign of love. In the latter case, a rose with a broken stem symbolizes a broken life, a death.


Colors and their meaning, however, often differ per culture and country, making it difficult to make the right choice.

Love, suffering, passion, courage, seduction, sultry.

Simplicity, cleanliness, virginity, calm, innocence, purity, silence, unspoiltness.

Light, joy, spring, glory, color of the sun, energy, growth, strength, spring feeling.

Exuberant, exciting, shocking.

Warmth, wealth, extrovert, royal family, strength, optimism, fun, sportsmanship, vitality.

Divinity, infinity, spirituality, loyalty, sincerity.

Royalness, sensuality, decadence.

Softness, tenderness, joy, birth, modest, romantic, sweet, sweet, innocent.

Texts on a ribbon

A final greeting
Our last greeting
Lots of love
Rest in peace
Good trip
See you next time
For ever in my / our heart
Hello dear ...
I will miss you
We will miss you
I will never forget you
Words are not enough
Rest in peace
Rest in peace dear ...
Given with love
With great gratitude
See you next time
Thank you dear ...
Thanks for everything
Thanks for all the love
Thank you for who you were
Dear ..., thanks for everything
Thanks for ... happy years
Forever from our midst, but not from our hearts
You stay in our memory
You will always live on in our memory
Thanks for the good time together
With sincere condolences
Given with love
To miss you, which is indispensable
You live on in our hearts
In me, a thousand gardens are the most beautiful flowers for you
How will time ever heal the wounds
We love you
The memory remains
The memory of you is indelible
Fighting does not have to be done anymore, rest now

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