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Yahoo! "Winter is coming!" Winter is my season. Whirling snowflakes, hot chocolate with whipped cream and snowball fights. A combination where I have been thinking about daydream for a while. What else can we do to enjoy this period?

Ice skating

King Winter does not always help to ensure a beautiful skating rink. Yet there are other ways to be able to skate. For example, in our neighboring city of Harderwijk an ice rink on the Marktplein has been created with small penguins with which you can learn to skate. Penguins who need daddy harder than his 7-year-old daughter.
If you are looking for a bigger skating rink, you have to drive a little further to Biddinghuizen. There you will find Flevo On Ice. They have an ice rink of 3 kilometers in the open air. Do you want to skate a bit shorter with the children? Then there is also a skating rink of 400 meters long. Do you want to practice first, then there is the doodle track of more than 400m2. And as icecream on the ice-cream cake, there is also a large slide where you can take off with a kind of 'swimming-bands'.

Christmas shop

In winter, various shops are transformed into real Christmas shops. In our case that is a camping store. The whole floor has been transformed into a true Christmas country. You come up with the escalator and see the reindeer already standing. Flickering lights on the right attract attention. "Ho Ho Hooo!" Santa is waving his lantern. Children look their eyes out. Every year our children may choose one Christmas bauble. You understand our Christmas tree is one happy intention.
Take a look at whether there are centers in the area that will be transformed into a Christmas world in the winter.

Elburg - Winter in the Fortress

On December 14 and 15 there is the Winter in the Fortress in Elburg event. You imagine yourself in the Charles Dickens era. People dressed up, cozy fires, hanging kettles, hot chocolate and so on. A cozy evening that you will remember with a warm feeling.

Winter crafts

Toilet roll with peanut butter

Take a toilet roll and lubricate it with bird-friendly peanut butter. For sale at the supermarket. The bio variant is also sufficient. Check the label for safety. Then roll the toilet roll into bird seed. Pull a string through it and hang it outside.

Birdseed with frying fat

Grab a nice teacup with an earpiece. Heat a block of frying fat. At the moment it has become liquid you sprinkle birdseed. Then pour it into the teacup and let it cool down outside in the cold. After this you pull a string through again and hang it next to the toilet roll.

Wreath with doppinda's

Buy a straw wreath and doppinda's. Glue the peanuts on the wreath and hang them on the toilet roll and the teacup.

Doppinda garland

Are you more of stringing. Then you thread the doppinda's with needle and thread to a pendulum. Hang this cozy next to the toilet roll, the teacup and the wreath.

Bread garland

Roast a sandwich. Take protrusions and insert a heart from the bread, for example. Smear the heart with peanut butter and stick it again over it. Hang this cozy next .... You probably know where next?

Evening walk along all houses

And what I look forward to every year. Are the evening walks. Snow is not always there, but around December it is also nice to walk across the street with warm scarf and mittens. Because ... you're hunting for lighthouses. A lot of people dress their bushes, trees and fences with lights. You can not think of it so crazy. The children look their eyes and mom and dad join us. From flashing deer to lights that are dancing to the music.


"Girls I write about winter activities. Do you have any ideas what you should have done in the winter? "

Throwing snowballs

And then of course they come up with the brilliant answer: "throwing snowballs, mama". If there is something that you think of when you use the word winter, then the first thing is 1: snow. There are a lot of crazy activities with snow. I sincerely hope that there will be snow this winter. For the children, but also for myself. I love snow. In addition to throwing snowballs, you can do much more with snow.


Are you almost going to live on yourself? Then put a sled directly on the stake out list. A must have! When my husband and I were still two, he stood in our shed. Of course he was often the Sjaak as the tractor of the sled. Now with children it is even more fun. The kids completely wrapped up with mittens, hats, scarves and thick winter coats, all three on the sledge. And run fathers.


Hoppatee! Lie on your back and move those legs and arms back and forth. Be careful and look at your homemade fairies.


The age-old snowman must also be removed from the barn. You know immediately when you step out of the door or if there is 'sticky snow'. Rolling. Mama runs in for a winter carrot and the boy's cap is already packed for the snowman. Because our middle hair does not want to wet with snow, she secretly takes a box of raisins for the eyes of the doll. And that is how our new family member came into being.


In the snow it is fun to look for animal spores. Search the internet for various animal spores and go hunting for paw prints. I have never done it myself. But this activity is high on my wish list this year.


From 1 October, every night before I go to bed, I do a snowdrift. I have done a sun dance all summer and see where that led. That should come well with the snow this year. You're welcome!


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