Popular baby names of 2017

Every year the SVB (Social Insurance Bank) presents the most popular children's names of the past year. Also curious about the most chosen baby name of 2017? For a young boy number one is Noah (635) and for a girl in 2017 it was named Emma (755). For boys, the difference between number one and number two is only minimal (only 4 difference). The difference is somewhat larger among the girls (21).

Same notation

The lists were created by adding up the baby names (which are registered on the basis of a child benefit application) with the same spelling. Luuk is not Luc and Lucas is not Lukas. This is probably also the reason why the name Mohammed does not appear in the lists. The name is written in different ways: Mohammed (221x), Mohamed (211x), Muhammed (110x), Mohammad (51x) and Muhammad (43x). Put together well for a number 1 listing, but separately they do not get the lists.

Fun facts

Last year some 170,000 babies were born in the Netherlands, of which 86,718 boys and 82,568 girls.
Striking is the fact that especially short, powerful names (often with only one syllable) are popular. Double names do not appear in the top 20 lists.
The girls 'names also show that 8 girls' names end with an A. That is no less than 40% of the most popular names.

Many Biblical names

Both Noah and Emma are Biblical names, but there are more Biblical names in the lists, such as Bram (from Abraham), Eva and Saar (Sara).

Top 20 boy names 2017Top 20 girls names 2017
01.Noah (635)01.Emma (755)
02.Sem (631)02.Tess (734)

The choice of baby names in the provinces

The Province of Zeeland has the most striking number 1 markings, both for the girls and for the boys. Johanna, the name in the total overview on place 99, is number 1 in Zeeland. The most popular boy name in Zeeland was Jan. This is in position 27 in the total list.
Do you want to know the most popular baby names of your province? Then look at this page.

What were the popular baby names in 2016?

Last year Daan and Anna were the most popular children's names. Both names are now in fifth place. Emma then stood on a shared number 2 together with Tess. Noah was number two among the boys last year.

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