Children's Book Week - How is Children's Book Week 2018 celebrated?

"We have a world tire, a world tire. We are known everywhere. A world tire, a world tire. We speak all languages. You too belong there! "Our daughters sing (not entirely) in unison. They sing the new Children's Book Song of Children for Children. The Children's Book Week is coming again. A fun week dedicated to children's literature, books, sentences and letters.

What is the Children's Book Week?

During Children's Book Week attention is paid to children's books. It is important that children are read aloud in the pre-school period. This way their vocabulary is expanded. For children from group 3 it is important to keep practicing all the lessons learned.

How beautiful it is to let your child discover the wonderful world of reading books. All sentences are converted into a private fantasy world. The witch with purple hat and a big pimple on her nose takes her broom and flies over the houses. Suddenly she loses her magic wand and all the houses turn into colored candy houses. Have you already formed an image of the witch and the candy houses? Nothing has been signed and yet you have created an image. Do you see how fast that goes?


The word Children's Book Week is a bit misleading. It is not a week, but ten days. From 3 to 14 October 2018. For ten days we can enjoy nice promotions, activities and offers.

The history

The Children's Book Week was founded in 1954. On the eve of the Children's Book Week, a book ball takes place. The Golden Granger is also awarded during this ball. This is the literary prize for children's books. Nowadays Silver Groutels are also awarded for the second place. This also includes book translations. In addition, there are Gold and Silver Brushes. For sure, you can probably already guess what the crayons stand for. Precisely, for the best illustrated children's books. And finally there are also Kissing. The Zilveren Zoen stands for the best children's book for 12 years and older. For both Dutch written books and translations.


The theme of this year is: Friendship. A subject that applies to all ages. It is important to be part of it. A fine group where you can be yourself whoever you are.

Children's book week gift

The Children's Book Week Gift is this year's book: Island Quarrel written by: Joshua Douglas with illustrations by Elly Hees.
There is a quarrel between two presidents over uninhabited islands. A friend wants her to make peace. The children of the presidents meet each other and become friends or not?
How does this story continue to grow? Run 3 October to the bookstore and buy at least 10 euros of children's books. Then you get this gift for free. So you have twice as much book luck!

Picture book

The picture book of this year is written by Milja Praagman, called: Come there! A nice reading book about friendship. One friend likes to search the border and the other likes to stick to the rules? What will happen? The little ones will hang on your lips as you read this aloud!
For only 10 euros this book is yours.


Interviews, presentations and signing sessions

During the Children's Book Week, the maker of the Children's Book Week Gift and the writer of the picture book travel through the country. View where and when they can be found:
Tour Joshua Douglas
Tour Milja Praagman

Station library

What about a library at Utrecht Central. How cool is that ?! Take a children's book on Sunday, October 14th between 10:00 and 16:00, which you do not read anymore. And exchange this for another book. You can choose to exchange it with another child or with new books on display at the station. Should The Hague be closer? Good news! There is also a station library at The Hague Central Station. All made possible by the main sponsor of the Dutch Children's Book Week. Thank you, very cool!

Reading guide

This makes me very happy. A guide in which there are titles of more than 200 children's books that are recommended for reading to children from 0 to 6 years. Secretly our daughter of 7 years also likes to listen to these stories. Do not tell anyone, because that is not tough at all.

Children's books canvas

In the library you can also find the children's books on paper from 3 October. For the real doers, this is a great way to discover the world of reading. Because believe me. Our 1.5 year old boy really does not like sitting quietly on my lap while reading Cinderella. Or would it be the book choice? But it would be better for our son if he would get acquainted with books in an active way. Reading books is also super cool. And certainly a quality that I envy, since I can not even drink on foot.


Bookshops also play nicely on this 10-day. In our village there is a great bookshop that delves a quest into the theme. You can walk through the whole store to come to the solution. Through the warehouse, in the attic, the office and behind the cash register. I would like to be a child again to be allowed to participate. But I can fortunately tell my children that they really need me to search for everything. So go if the people go to the bookstore during the Children's Book Week. Lots of fun!

And they lived happily ever after.

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