The Teddy Bear - The sweetest and most cute Teddy Bears!

You probably did not think about it at all, but yesterday it was Teddy Bear Day. How cute! Who did not have a Teddy bear as a small child? They come in all shapes and sizes. My own did not look like that after years of intensive cuddling. He had no ears, his fur was bald and here and there were some sewing stitches from my mother. I was jealous of my sister's Teddy Bear. It looked so beautiful and cool ... And yet I did not want to lose my Teddy. I even think that I still have him somewhere in the attic. Well stored in a box.

Not only for children

The Teddy Bear is of course not just for children. You can also regularly meet a Teddy in many living rooms. He gives the living room a sweet, warm atmosphere. The well-known residential label Riverdale, for example, responds to this. In their collection you can, among other things, find the Teddy Bear and really not meant for the baby room.

History of the Teddy Bear

For the enormous success of the bears in the United States President Theodore Roosevelt was responsible. All his friends called him "Teddy". In 1902, during a four-day bear hunt, he had refused to kill a young, defenseless bear that the hunters had caught before him. The famous cartoonist of The Washington Post Clifford Berryman captured this incident in his cartoon "Drawing the line in Mississippi" as an ironic commentary on a border dispute that was of great interest.

From then on, the bear became known as "Teddy's Bear" and Berryman did not miss a chance to process the bear in all of his following cartoons about the president.

These cartoons were the best advertising for Steiff and soon the Steiff "Teddy Bear" had stolen the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Partly fed by the stream Steiffberen from Germany, the "Teddy Bear Madness" took more and more America in its grip and from there also other parts of the world.

The sweetest Teddy Bears!

Are you still looking for a sweet Teddy bear? We have chosen the five best for you!

Mega Teddy Bear

This is an XXL Teddy bear of no less than 130 cm high. Far too big for a baby to cuddle with, but super cute to put on the baby room. Certainly know that he will ever get caught and then cuddling no longer stops. The Teddy is softly filled and has a velvety plush exterior. The teddy bear can be placed and placed in different positions.

Price: 59.95 euros Online for sale at:

Hermann Teddy

Herman Teddy is available in different sizes and colors. This Teddy is golden yellow and is 23 cm. Herman is made of soft gold yellow plush and has a synthetic filling. He has brown safety eyes and an embroidered nose. It is machine washable at 30 ° C.
His brothers and sisters all look a bit different. Definitely a very sweet series!

Price: 23.90 euro Online for sale at:

Me to you teddy bear

How sweet is this bear! You still want to cuddle with that? The bear is called 'Gorgeous Girlfriend' and is 25 cm tall. He is gray in color. Since 1995, Me to You has warmed the hearts of both young and old. Me to You is a brand that conveys timeless savings on your messages of love, friendship and happiness. Tatty Teddy is the most famous character of Me to You and is a unique cute gray cuddly bear with a blue nose.

Price: 29.00 euro Online for sale at:

Riverdale bear Teddy

This bear comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. We have the medium here. The bear is brown in color and is easy to put down due to the sitting position. The Riverdale bear is about 41cm in size and is made of soft teddy bears. Riverdale is a well-known residential label with many different fashionable items. Riverdale responds well to the fashion trends and the different seasons. We just think it's a very sweet bear.

Price: 24.95 euro Online for sale at:

Steiff Cozy Teddy Bear

Steiff Cozy Teddy Bear is 16 cm and made of red, blond plush. He has a heart-shaped nose and is equipped with safety eyes. This makes the bear safe for your child. The bear is also machine washable at 30 ° C.
Does everyone love this sweet Teddy? Maybe after years of being cuddled, he looks as bald as my teddy bear, but then you know that he has enjoyed it!

Price: 34.95 euros Online for sale at:


The fact that Teddy is still popular is evident from the fact that he has his own Homepage. Teddy is not only wanted in small children, but also adults still cherish the little cuddly bear. Sometimes as decoration, sometimes as a collector's item and sometimes as a source of inspiration for song, book or film. Nothing wrong to still be an arctophile at a later age ... Even Elvis made many girls' hearts beat faster with his' Teddybear '...

Elvis Presley - Let me be your Teddybear

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