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If you surf the internet and you do a small or large order here and there, you can not escape it. Log in, create an account and create a password. If you are just starting to surf, the number of passwords will still be available, but if you - like me - have been roaming the Internet for decades, then the number of passwords can not be overseen. Because using the same password everywhere is of course not advisable.

No idea anymore

I have to admit that I do not remember all those passwords. There are probably more than a hundred, perhaps even more than two hundred or perhaps even more. If I had to remember that, then there is no room for nice things in my head. Fortunately, you often have the opportunity to create a new password or to request your old password. I therefore regularly use these types of options. The disadvantage of this is that you never really know it again. After all, if you change it all the time, remembering is of course no longer an option. Or you must have an elephant memory.

A good password

A good password consists of at least 12 characters. And then again not only numbers or letters. The best you can make a combination. That sounds quite difficult to remember, but fortunately there are a few mnemonics that you can use.

Of course you can never speak of a strong password if you use the name of yourself, your child or your pet. Your date of birth does not make a password strong.
A strong password consists of a mixture of small letters, capital letters, numbers and / or symbols. Such a series is of course quite difficult to remember. Because today 7653 # AfPYzz00 @ 1 * 7H8 &% _w seems a very strong password (is it probably too) but how do you remember this? I bet that you have already forgotten this password after typing.

Use a sentence

I always use a mnemonic myself. My passwords always consist of the first letters of a sentence. A sentence is very easy to remember. For instance:

My son Rocco has been doing baseball for 3 years
My password is: MzRda3jaH
You can then choose to put a number behind it, but in itself this is a pretty strong password for others. For you, however, it is a simple sentence to remember. Especially when you take a sentence that is close to yourself. For example something you are full of.

Short words to each other

Do you find this difficult? Then you can also create a password from several short words to each other. For example, think of:
Pan Strawberry Ball
The words have nothing to do with each other, so there is no connection and therefore difficult to guess. If you also write the different words with capital letters, then it becomes a tad more difficult to guess.

Turn a word around

Maybe you find it useful to turn a long word around? For example, think of:
If you play a bit with alternating capitals and small letters and place a number somewhere, then it becomes a pretty strong password.

Replace letters for numbers

Do you find it difficult to process numbers in your password? Then try replacing some letters with numbers that resemble them. For example, change the E to a 3, the o to a 0, or use the @ for the letter a. You will suddenly get a very strong password.
@ p3nn0t3n
Can you discover what is here? Nice strong password and actually very easy to remember.

How do you deal with passwords?

And then you finally used very strong passwords, but then what? Keeping a list of passwords on your computer is not an option, especially when it is connected to the internet. When they hack you, they immediately know all your passwords. Saving in your browser sounds nice and easy, but you can not call it safe.
It is also advisable to change your password regularly - preferably once a month! But then what?

You can possibly use a tool to keep track of all those passwords, such as a handy booklet like Passwords. It is important to keep the booklet safe (for example in the safe) and not to leave it lying around, because otherwise it does not matter how strong your password is.


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