The barbell or upright - What is it?

If you are orienting yourself about your birth, you have probably come across the concept of bar stool or udder. But what is a barrel actually? What are the advantages? Why would you want to choose this?

What is a uterus?

A upright is a chair that is specially made to facilitate delivery. An important aspect is the more vertical posture of the woman during delivery, whereby gravity is used to the advantage. With a recumbent posture, the woman in travail must press against gravity.

Is the new chair new?

No, the bar stool is certainly not new, the principle is already very old. He was already used in the 17th century! It is also a very logical way of giving birth. Even in ancient Egypt seem to be used to be used. In ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs a woman is shown in squatting position. There is a stone under both feet. So there is no question of sitting here.

It was not until the 19th century that the lying posture suddenly became much more common and that is still the case. Today, about 85% of pregnant women still like, in a lying position. Which is actually a bit crazy and against nature.

What is a stool?

An upright or scallop are variants of the upright without a few disadvantages that the upright has. The difference between an upright and a scallop is that the first one is like a toilet and can only be applied to the floor. The scallop is designed to enable the deep, homely squatting that allows a larger pelvic exit to be achieved than on the bar stool. The scallop is meant to be used on a bed with which the working posture of both the woman in labor and the midwife has been improved.

Different types and sizes

The barb is available in different types, sizes and materials. They are even there in an inflatable form, but also in wood or plastic. Apart from the material, the model is not very different. The stool is round and there is an opening in the waist. Usually the obstetrician will carry a stool with them and even in hospitals they usually have a stool available.

How is the barstool used?

You only use the upright from the moment you are allowed to press the midwife. You squat over the stool, as it were; the stool gives support to your legs, so that you can use all your strength for pressing.

The midwife is in front of you during delivery. With a mirror, she keeps an eye on everything and prepares herself to take care of your baby as soon as he is born. In this position, your partner can sit behind you and possibly support his back with his legs, so that you can put more power during the pressing process.

Advantages of the stool

The biggest advantage of the use of the barstool is of course the gravity! This works absolutely to your advantage! The posture is also better for your blood flow. During the supine position, the chance of the hollow vein being compressed is even greater. If this happens, less blood flows from your heart to your brain. No nice feeling.
If you lie down, your tailbone does not have the ability to move backwards. With the stool this is possible with the great advantage that you have a (30%) larger pelvis output.
Another added benefit, you get stronger and more effective contractions. Because you can change positions easier, they are also better to absorb.

Less interventions

When using a bar handle, fewer interventions such as tongs or vacuum pumps are necessary. There is also less often cut.

Disadvantages of the bar stool

There are not many disadvantages to a barb stick. But you walk a little earlier the chance to tear a little bit.
Some people find it disadvantageous that you can only sit on it if you are allowed to press. Because the last part of the delivery can go very fast, it can be annoying to change position anyway. It is a more active delivery, where you can not fall backwards in the pillows of your bed between the contractions. Fortunately, your partner can sit behind you and maybe even massage your neck, kiss or caress you.

After delivery, it is recommended to lie down in bed because you can lose a bit more blood due to gravity.

Is it always possible?

Most obstetricians carry a crutch with you as standard, but of course you can always discuss it with your midwife beforehand. In case of complications or when using pain relief, it is not always possible to give birth using a barb stick.

Are you in the hospital? There is often also a barstool present there. In any case, ask for it! He can only stand ready.

The scallop

The scallop is a kind of barbells in the shape of a shell that is used in women who want to give birth to crouching. This can be a big advantage for the midwife. You lean against a back rest on the bed or against the legs of your partner (if you like the floor).
Between the contractions you are sitting on the edge of the scallop. During a wee you will sit on your crouch. Because of the shape of the scallop, you support on your entire foot. This way you can squeeze optimally and this happens almost instinctively. You have more control over the delivery in this way. Also when using a scallop, the pelvis entrance becomes larger, just as with the bar stool.

There is a nice advantage, when you give birth with the help of a scallop it is very easy to tackle your child yourself when he is born! How fat is that!

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