Safety - The week of safety

Every year in week 41, the week is all about safety. During the Week of safety, safety is a priority. Think, for example, of neighborhood prevention and burglary prevention. Very important, but also important is safety in and around the house, especially if you have a young child (ren) walking around. Let's just go through the house from top to bottom.

The attic

Assuming there is an attic of course. An attic is not always the safest place to let your children play if you have arranged it as a playroom. But an attic where you store a lot of junk, the central heating system and the laundry dries, is usually not a safe place for children. Even if you are there yourself, you have to keep a sharp eye, so that they do not turn on the buttons of the boiler, switch on the washing machine, sweep the detergent or crawl through all kinds of junk that you do not even know existed. Of course, do not forget to secure the stairs with a stair gate!

The bathroom

Make sure that children can not access items in the bathroom that they can swallow, shampoo, bath foam, medicines, cleaning agents, et cetera. I once lacquered my nails as a little girl with the nail polish from my aunt's toiletry bag. I was completely panicked when it did not go away anymore. That was not dangerous, of course, but a hot tap can be this. The best you can use thermostat taps with children.


If your child is still small and is not yet allowed to get out of bed himself, make sure that there is a bed from which he can not climb. Click here for more tips on setting up a safe baby room. But not only the baby room should be safe, you should not forget your own bedroom. For example, do not let drugs swing or open a window where your child could climb out.

The stairs

I mentioned the stairs earlier. As soon as your child can crawl, he will also try to go up or down. Provide a good, safe stair gate. And never let your child play alone upstairs. If the phone goes down, just take it easy. Take your child or just let them call. If it is urgent, they will automatically call back.

The living room

What kind of plants are there in the living room, are they not toxic? Little ones stop everything in their mouths, I used to eat spiders. I really should not think about that now, but then I thought they were very tasty.
Watch hot liquids. A pot of tea can seriously burn your baby. For example, do not put a tablecloth on the table with a pot of tea on it. Your child may want to pull up on the tablecloth, with all its consequences ...
Do not let small, loose things swing around and beware of button batteries. Your child would not be the first to eat a coin or put a marble in his nose.

Pick a swallow

When I write this like this, I suddenly have to think back to my own young years. I was not even very peeping anymore, I think about 6 years old, because I was in first grade (now group 3) of the primary school. Just before we were allowed to go home, I played with a marble in my mouth and suddenly I swallowed it by accident. I was deeply ashamed and did not dare to say anything because I knew myself that this was very stupid. My mother had told me so often that I was not allowed to put these things into my mouth. So I was silent.

My mother picked me up from school and had to do some shopping. I was still silent but felt more and more sick ...
Once at home, I did not stop and I spit the whole thing under. I have no idea if that marble ever came out, but after the spitting explosion, I lost my nausea.

The kitchen

The kitchen is also such a place where a lot can go wrong. Where do most of us put down the cleaning products? Right, in the cupboard under the sink. And those grasping hands are very fast. Place the toxic bottles somewhere in the top of a greenhouse and close all doors with a childproof lock. Do not forget the drawers with dangerous, sharp blades.
Do not let things swing on the counter, because if they are still staggering, they are stuck against the kitchen cupboard with the hands on the countertop. Always be alert to this.

The basement closet / or walk-in closet

Some houses still have an old-fashioned cellar cupboard, such a cupboard with storage shelves full of interesting parcels, pots and bottles. You understand that this can be a mecca for your curious toddler. So be careful! I would advise putting a slide lock at the top of the door so that your child can not enter. You should not forget to use it.

The garden

If you have a garden then it is important to look there with children's eyes. If you have a pond, make sure that your child can not fall into it. You just have to walk in to get something and your baby can already be in it. Also take a look at the plants in the garden, you might just have a few poisonous plants.

Never assume that everything is safe and always stay alert. Children can do things that you have not thought about, and those that are locked on the cupboards are not blissful either. Regardless of how they manage it, sometimes they manage to grab something while there is a child lock. We have all had a tooth through the lip or abrasion, but for worse injuries you want to protect your child as much as possible.

Safety before everything…

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