Affordable organic food

Affordable organic food ... Healthy and delicious!

Everyone wants healthy and tasty food, preferably without toxic substances on his plate. Then you will soon find organic products. Unfortunately, organic products are a bit more expensive. That's why we give you 75 tips to cut down so that you can buy organic products from the money you have saved.
Because organic products are not only healthier, they are also even better!

The tips affordable organic food

01. Buy fruit and vegetables from the season
02. Take the bike instead of the car. Gym and fuel saving!
03. Buy only nourishing food, so no cake and chips.
04. Around closing time go to the market and shop and negotiate.
05. Make the residual waste from vegetable stock.
06. Keep the cooking water and use it for the broth.
07. Do not peel your vegetables, but wash them clean. Increase vitamin!
08. Follow for organic offers.
09. Boil water once and keep it warm in a thermos for later.
10. Use a tea bag several times, with green tea no problem.

With attention

11. Cook and eat with attention, you eat less, but you enjoy more.
12. Use the oil of the olives to bake.
13. Eat fresh and organic and save on medicines and doctor visits.
14. Roast old bread in the toaster.
15. Be moderate with food, save the gym and purchase.
16. Buy lettuce in uncut form, it lasts much longer.
17. Chew the food extra well, feeling more satisfied.
18. Of organic food you need less, it is simply more nutritious.
19. Make a list before you go shopping.
20. Make sure you go shopping with a full stomach.


21. Dedicate on vegetables and fruit with spots, you cut them off easily.
22. Grow your own fruit and vegetables yourself, in the long term cheaper.
23. Do not put vegetables and potatoes under water, save gas.
24. Breakfast always hearty, prevents eating attacks later in the day.
25. Any leftover nut paste hard? Add some oil and it will be smooth again.
26. Beans legumes or grains first, that saves in the cooking time.
27. Always lower the thermostat to 1 degree, after a while you get used to it.
28. Put on a warm sweater more often instead of the stove.
29. Break a bar into pieces and taste some with full attention.
30. Use a pressure cooker and use 2 / 3rd less energy.

Less meat

31. Eat less meat, but buy bio meat for the saved money.
32. Buy shelf-stable products in large packages, quantum advantage.
33. Cook for several days and freeze part.
34. Use small dishes, psychologically the same, but fewer calories.
35. Choose pine tree seeds for sunflower seeds, which makes a huge difference in price.
36. Get the food from the farmer, can care in the price.
37. In time to bed, you do not have to get your energy out of food.
38. Pick stinging nettles, dry them and make tea out of them. Totally free.
39. Breastfeed your child, saves artificial food in purchase.
40. Do not throw away the pumpkin seeds, but grill them. Very healthy.

Leaf of the radish

41. Also use the leaf of the radish in salads and soups, very nutritious.
42. Keep bread in the freezer and always take a few slices off.
43. Grow your own herbs, lasts a long time and you always have something at home.
44. Is the lettuce weak? Put it in a bowl of water and it comes back to life.
45. Make your own sports drink by adding Celtic sea salt to the water.
46. ​​Make yourself icetea by cold green tea with honey.
47. Go into the sun, this way you get free vitamin D inside.
48. Sleep well, then you do not have to get your energy out of snacks.
49. The refrigerator extracts moisture: use a plastic storage bag.
50. Eat soup every day, you're full faster and still have enough minerals inside.

Water ice

51. Make your own water ice cream with thick juice, cheap and delicious too.
52. Choose seaweed, very nourishing and a sustainable crop!
53. Use saturated fats: healthy and a feeling of satiety.
54. Take your own chickens, daily "free" fresh eggs.
55. Vegetable over when cutting? Give them to the chickens or the rabbit.
56. Use olive oil or coconut oil on your skin.
57. Choose products from the region, you save on transportation costs.
58. Visit an organic market, there are many in the Netherlands.
59. Get your products from the craftsman: miller, fisherman and buy directly.
60. Look for a food cooperative in your city. Buying together = saving.

Vegetable package

61. Choose a vegetable or fruit package.
62. Consider a biological fish or meat package. You can also do together.
63. Buy your shelf-life products in large at a web store.
64. Search online for discount coupons on the internet or in the store.
65. Choose to eat insects. In many countries a normal case.
66. Do you really need something? Limit luxury items.
67. Learn which wild mushrooms you can eat, fresh and mega healthy!
68. Buy larger if a basic product is on offer.
69. Buy frozen food out of season. Healthy and not expensive.
70. Choose raw vegetables: very healthy and you save on gas costs.


71. Make room for stock obtained from offers or your garden.
72. Use a leek as a base, very cheap and yet bio.
73. Pick summer berries in the wild and freeze them for later.
74. Compare prices of the organic assortment and go shopping at the supermarkets.
75. Check your receipt. Often, no discount goes unnoticed.

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