Get acquainted with 'Simply Christmas' from Simply Rob

I would like to introduce you to the new album Gewoon kerst, by Gewoon Rob. On this album, regular Rob addresses children in the lower classes of primary school. The album contains a good mix of cheerful songs that are pleasant to listen to and can be sung along quickly. Both music and lyrics fit in well with children in the age of 3 to 10 years. That makes the album perfectly suitable for use at the playgroup and for the substructure in primary education.

The raw voice of Gewoon Rob, in combination with the lovely lyrics and melodies, gives the album its own unique 'face', making this album a nice addition to the existing repertoire. Children will be able to sing Christmas songs quickly through the - mostly short - texts and simple melodies.

The origin of the album

Marion Middendorp (copywriter): "I have been writing reviews of CDs with children's songs for and for about ten years now. I really like nursery rhymes very much and when my own son was still small, I often sang with him. In the course of the years, however, I noticed one thing and those were the Christmas songs for children, or rather, a lack of it. For Sinterklaas there are lots of nice little songs to sing with the children, but for Christmas this is a lot less. Besides the traditional - often Christian - songs, there is not that much.
I wanted to change that. I started working with Jan Knetsch (composer at KSK Productions) and Gewoon Rob (Rob de Ruijter). Together we finally made the album 'Ordinary Christmas'. This is also the debut album of Gewoon Rob.

Substitute of primary school

The songs on the album are made for children from 3 to 10 years and that makes the album perfectly suitable for children from the playgroup to the primary school. When writing the music, the range in pitch of children was taken into account and also the lyrics are kept simple, so that the songs are easy to sing along with. The lyrics can all be found on

Combination of songs

The album has been chosen for children's songs with a Christian approach, as well as for neutral Christmas or winter lyrics, so that the album is suitable for all children, regardless of culture and / or faith.
Just Rob: "We chose this versatility consciously, because we thought it was important to give every child the feeling that he belongs and not only to focus on one specific group and thereby to exclude children. Of course Christmas is originally a Christian party and that atmosphere is certainly reflected on the album, but Christmas is much more. It is also the festival of light, a celebration that you celebrate with loved ones, a bright spot during the dark days and a feast of peace and love ... "
Also the music of the different songs is very diverse. The - sometimes haunting but always warm - voice of Gewoon Rob gives the songs a special character.

On the album are no less than 14 brand-new Christmas songs and to sing the Christmas songs themselves, there is also a karaoke version of all songs.

To download

The album (or individual songs from the CD) can be downloaded for € 9.99 at:
CD Baby Store
Google Play
or listen to via Spotify or Deezer.


01. The snowman
02. Decorate the Christmas tree
03. Santa is coming
04. Just Christmas
05. In a stall
06. Little Lars
07. Winter butterflies
08. Say donkey
09. The reindeer
10. Santa can I ask you something
11. Peace on earth
12. Under the Christmas tree
13. Willy Woef
14. The most beautiful Christmas gift

Bonus 14 sing-along tracks (instrumental)

Comments on the album Simply Christmas

"What fun Christmas songs on the CD Just Christmas. With a wide variety of Christmas and winter topics. About Santa Claus and the snowman, but also about the stall, the reindeer and peace on earth. Not only funny songs, but also a few songs with a serious theme, such as the song Santa may I ask you something about a child whose mother died.
Nice variety of short songs, which everyone can find and suitable for all children of all cultures and religions. That may be the message of Christmas, everyone belongs and can celebrate life. "

Jeroen Hoogerwerf - Chief editor Color at school

Hey, huh, finally a Dutch Christmas CD with original lyrics! Not bad at all if the cheerful Christmas songs of Just Rob just stay in your head all day. In fact, you just want to sing loudly!
Marije Smit -

"Just Christmas" you just want to run the whole day just to sing along with your child (ren) and with Simply Rob! "
Karina Ahles - &

Credits Just Christmas

Text: Marion Middendorp
Music: Jan Knetsch (Rob de Ruijter, Marco Knetsch)
Vocals: Just Rob

More about Just Rob

Just Christmas is the first album for Gewoon Rob. Just Rob is called Rob de Ruijter in daily life. From 12 years on he is singing through life. Where he once sang in children's musicals, he is now on stage as a solo artist.
More about Simply Rob can be found on his website

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