Pregnancy calendar - Week 28

How big?

Length± 35 cm
Weight± 900 grams
Information about the photo
Under the influence of subcutaneous fat storage, the skin becomes smoother and smoother. After 28 weeks the fat provides protection and is also a source of energy. The fetus also looks paler because of the fat.


The weight of your baby has doubled in the last four weeks. If your baby were born now, it has a chance to stay alive, obviously without medical help. Your baby can not keep himself at temperature and his lungs can not yet work at full power. It is of course better to let him grow nicely in your stomach for the time being. This week your baby gets the ability to make facial expressions.
With 28 to 34 weeks, the baby usually lies down with his head. His legs and buttocks are then in the largest part of the uterus (upper part). The pressure on the diaphragm decreases and you may feel that the fetus is sinking deeper into the pelvis.
In 4 to 6% of all individual pregnancies, the child remains with his legs down (breech presentation) or transverse (transverse position).


Take plenty of rest and try to lie down every afternoon. It is important that you are adequately equipped immediately.

Hard bellies

Your uterus regularly contracts during your pregnancy. From the fourth to fifth month, these exercise contractions increase. This is very normal: your uterine muscles also have to train for the big work later on. Your belly then feels like a hard ball. A 'hard belly' can occur if you suddenly get up, bend or tilt, but also if you have been busy. Also a full bladder or an orgasm can stimulate the uterus enough to contract. Sometimes a 'hard belly' can be a bit painful, but usually you notice very little of it.


Have a pretecho made.
Treat yourself with comfortable clothing.
Turn the overview off, 'When do you arrange what?'
Arrange birth announcements and birth announcements.
Good preparation - Write a birth plan

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