Pregnancy calendar - Week 18

How big?

Length± 20 cm
Weight± 200 grams
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After the first three months, the priorities of the fetus are no longer a rapid development, but a rapid growth.


Your baby still has plenty of room to kick with his legs and grab his hands. A lot of exercise is important for his brain. From this week his brain is growing very hard, or 90 grams per month. Your baby can now also distinguish the difference between dark and light through its eyelids. He will not really appreciate bright light, such as a sunbed. Small air pockets (the alveoli) are formed in his lungs. His downy hairs are replaced by some coarser hairs.


Under the influence of the hormones and the heaviness of the pregnancy you can suffer from your back. The muscles of your pelvis will also become weak through the hormones. Your uterus now comes to just below your navel.
From week 14 to week 18 it is possible to detect all abnormal numbers of chromosomes and check them for Spina bifida through a amniocentesis. With a thin needle, some amniotic fluid is removed from the uterus via the abdominal wall. In the cells of the amniotic fluid there is more reliable information about the chromosomes. By measuring a certain protein, Spina bifida can be determined. The test is very reliable and can prove Down syndrome with 100% certainty. There is a risk for your child from 0.5 to 1%. The result is known within two to three weeks for chromosomal abnormalities. Any neural tube defects are already known after five days. With week 18 to week 21 a second trimester ultrasound (the so-called 20-week ultrasound) is possible. This ultrasound is used to look at neural tube defects, severe heart and / or kidney abnormalities, growth retardation of the fetus and abnormal amounts of amniotic fluid. Rebounding Ultronic waves make any deviations in the tissue visible. It gives a real diagnosis on, for example, Spina bifida, but gives no further certainty about the health of your child. The result is immediately known.


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