The importance of pouching

My first son was born with 28 weeks, by means of an emergency cesarean section. There were 13 doctors ready, when I was driven into the operating room. A number of these took care of Nick, my beautiful premature son, right after the surgery. Nothing to hold on, my dear little Nick was stabilized and brought to another hospital with bells and whistles. A hospital with a neonatology department.

Nothing to hold my child, discover, view, hold on to me. I got a polaroid photo. I had to do it with that and my baby too. The special and important first moment together, the safety to lie against his mother, my son was not given, while that need was probably enormous. From one moment to another he was snatched away from the safety of my stomach. So the incubator in to be taken with unknowns to another, cold place. Of those thoughts I can still sometimes become a bit sad - now 16 years later. What must have been this traumatic for him. The moment to really discover each other, to cuddle and to look at each other, has never been allowed ...

Important moments

The first contact between parent and child are important moments. This moment is not available for too many premature babies. They are taken to the neonatology department immediately after birth. There are of course exceptions, because when it is possible, this moment will certainly not be skipped. But what I already say are exceptions.
However, this physical form of acquaintance is a very important moment. The absence of this contact can even lead to emotional problems for the parents, but it is just as difficult for the baby. Such a noisy and brightly lit incubator, of course, is nothing compared to the warm skin of your mother. The familiar air, the familiar sound of your parents' voice.

Traumatic experience

This is also a traumatic experience for the child. One moment you are still warm, safe and familiar in the womb of your mother, the next moment you lie all alone in a brightly lit environment with nothing familiar around you.
It often can not be otherwise because your child needs this care very much. Maybe he should be helped with breathing or in several areas, but that does not mean that it is a cold and cold beginning of his life.

Pour out at the incubator

If at all possible, parents are given the opportunity to take care of their child as much as possible. In this care, pouching, also known as kangaroo or kangaroo care, are important moments. The name already gives some price of the action. When you pee, your baby is placed on the bare chest of father or mother. Important here is the skin on skin contact. Your child often only wears a diaper.
Both are covered with a blanket. Due to the body temperature of the father or mother, there is no risk of cooling down.

When is it allowed?

Of course, it is a requirement that your baby is stable. This means that he must have proper breathing and heartbeat. If this is not the case, pouching is unfortunately not possible.
The baby must of course be able to tolerate pouching or kangaroo. Some children react negatively to this. If that is the case, then allow them time to get used to this. Often it comes naturally.

How long?

Of course everything depends on your child, but if possible, there is a minimum of one hour at a time. How long it will eventually take depends on the baby, but of course also on the parent. Often babies are very alert when they lie on their father's or mother's bare chest, to fall asleep after a while.

The benefits of pouching

Apart from the beautiful moments together, pouching is especially conducive to its development. It seems that the breathing of babies who are often spontaneously develops faster. The voice, the warmth and the movements of the parent stimulate breathing and appear to be able to prevent respiratory arrest.
Kangaroo or pouching helps your child regulate his body temperature. Often babies breathe more calmly when they are lying with you and the heart rate is more stable.

Eye contact

Your child also gets the chance to make eye contact during the pouching. His hands can touch you and he smells your delicious body odor. And if there happens to be a drop of milk from your nipple, he can even taste it. If he is so good with you, he can be cuddled and stroked. It is only possible to caress him if his skin is less vulnerable. If your child is born too early, you can put your hand on him, but do not caress it yet.

By being so close to you, his natural behavior is stimulated. He smells your milk and maybe goes looking for your nipple by himself. Often, breastfeeding is also easier and babies who are often breastfed often need supplementary nutrition.

Also important for you

Purposing is important not only for your child, but also for you. You can feel wonderful about your child, watch it, sniff at him and give small, soft kisses. Often, pregnant mothers are less troubled by stasis and feel less anxious, the first days after delivery.

Pouch shirts

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