Day holiday: Hello morning stress

The alarm clock makes us annoyed that 'normal life' has started again. Nothing else to relax, you have to dive into the morning stress again! Because everyone has to go to school or work again in time, preferably with clean clothes, the lunch boxes must be filled, just like the tummies. And that within 60 ... 50 ... 40 ... 30 minutes! DAMN !! Only 30 minutes? I really have to get out of it now !!

Morning stress

Morning stress is not nice, because the more stress you have, the slower everyone will cooperate. It seems like the more rush you have, the more children will counteract. Whether it really is? Maybe not, but children will certainly respond to your energy. And it is not nice to start arguing every morning. Hence a few tips. To make your life a bit easier. Less stressful.

1) Adequate sleep

It is an in store, but to be as fresh as possible in the morning, it is necessary that you have had enough sleeping hours. Since the alarm clock is unreliable, there is not much stretch in the morning. That means you might have to go to bed earlier in the evening ...

2) Smile! And drink a glass of lukewarm water.

To start the day positively, start the day with a laugh. A little effort. So do not start the day with that alarm, moan or groan, but turn a radiant and sincere smile on your face to welcome the new day. That already gives a positive start to the day. Did you know that drinking hot water in the morning is a good way to start your body. It puts your digestive system into action and flushes the toxins out of your body. A healthy start of the day!

3) Fresh air!

Throw a few windows open in the morning! Get rid of that stale air, because nobody will be happy about that! Some fresh air through the house can immediately give a fresh and cheerful feeling to the day.

4) Lunch boxes

Preparing the lunch boxes takes some time and that is quite difficult during the morning stress. You already have your hands full of thousand-and-one other things, so those lunch boxes are best done just in the evening! Saves a lot of time and therefore stress.

5) Prepare everything in advance

Put the clothes ready for everyone the night before! Then you do not have to search for it in the morning and / or think about it!
Do you also think of the school bag? Not handy to have to catch in the morning. Also remember in the evening if there are still special things to school, such as gym equipment, a reply slip or friend book.

6) Snooze not too long ...

It is tempting to always press that snooze button, but in the end you just take your own grind and make yourself unnecessarily difficult. Get up a little earlier ... because that's what makes you truly a pleasure. Do not you ever snooze? Then put the alarm a quarter of an hour earlier, so you can take a shower, dress up and do your makeup in peace, before the hectic bursts.

7) No screens

Do not make it difficult for yourself by having your kids play games. Gaming in the morning is disastrous, because as soon as you shout, "And now you have a coat and ..." you always get the answer: "Just wait! Just play my life! '. To avoid that discussion, struggle and possible crying, do yourself a favor and forbid the use of screens in the early morning. Watching the TV is just as bad. "Mom, just check this out !!" In addition, screens have something 'magical'. Someone with a screen in front of his nose has no need to rush. Do not do it yourself and forbid the use of screens in the morning.

8) Regularity and routine

It does not guarantee that everything is streamlined, but regularity gives you the handles that everyone can stick to. Try to stick to the daily routine. That is clear to everyone and everyone knows what is expected of him. Children are then more inclined to go along with the routine.

9) Involve the kids

You can choose to involve your children in the morning ritual. If children know in advance what is expected of them, it is more likely that they will actually cooperate. So discuss the morning ritual with the kids and together with them make a list of everything that needs to be done. Maybe they also want to do a small job yourself?

10) Consider each other

One is a morning person and rattles right after he has stood up and the other person needs to get used to the new day as quietly as possible. There is nothing wrong with both ways, but it can cause unnecessary conflicts. By taking into account each other's preferences you can prevent every morning from turning into a battlefield. Prevention is better than ...

11) Stop! Just time for yourself!

It is good that you want to take care of everyone, but do not forget yourself. Try to take a moment for yourself between the hectic. To drink a cup of tea or just think about how your day will look like. If necessary, make a to-do list in that time.

12) Relative

It really is not so bad when your child goes to school with uncombed hair or a stain on his sweater of the milk he just spilled, or your daughter does not have those cute braids in her hair or the beds have not yet been made up as you close the door. So what? It is really not a disaster. Do not bother yourself unnecessarily. Nobody has to be perfect.

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