The tastiest Sinterklaas recipes - Stuffed speculaas

Besides the hot chocolate, the 'wonderful evening' is of course more than just gifts! How about all those delicious Sinterklaas treats, such as filled speculaas? And then, of course, the most favorite one, because that is often the most, the most, the most delicious!

We were looking for the four most delicious Sinterklaas recipes for you! We will test them all for you in the coming weeks. This week we start with: Stuffed speculaas! Let the 'wonderful evening' come! We are going to feast !!

The history of the speculaas

Speculaas, with the Belgian variety of caramelised biscuits, is a highly seasoned, old type of cake, usually - but not exclusively - hard, dry and flat, baked in the form of different productions, and especially popular with the Sinterklaas feast and during the Advent season. The oldest sources of speculaas also speak of weddings and funfairs. In recent decades, however, it has become normal to eat speculaas throughout the year, especially in coffee or tea, ice cream or fruit salad. Speculoos is mainly made and eaten in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as in the German Westphalia and the Rhineland, Luxembourg and Northern France.

Speculaas spices

Speculaas spices consist of a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger powder, cardamom and white pepper. Different variations are possible with, for example, anise, coriander seed and mace. Speculaas herbs are known for their laxative effect, they stimulate the intestines.

Almond paste

Almond paste or food is a mixture of almonds and sugar and is used in stuffed biscuits, butter letters, et cetera. The almonds vary in quality depending on the region of origin. Almonds from the Mediterranean, such as Italy and Spain, are qualitatively the best, while those from California are of a lower quality. The Californian almonds taste slightly bitter.
Almond paste is an expensive raw material to apply. In stuffed cakes and other inexpensive cakes, for example, the pastry bar and the pastry letter, instead of almond paste, so-called confectionary pastry is often used, in which the almonds have been replaced by ground apricot kernels and white beans.

Ingredients stuffed speculaas

200 grams of self-rising flour
2 tablespoons of spice cake and speculaas
125 grams of dark caster sugar
150 grams of butter (cold)
2 tbsp milk
1 tbsp water
300 grams of almond paste
2 eggs
4 grams of flour
garnish almonds


Prepare all ingredientsSift the flour, the sugar and the herbs (possibly pinch of salt)Add the butterKnead the dough into a ball with both hands
Wrap the dough in foil and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutesCrumble the almond pasteBeat the egg with the waterAdd half of the egg through the food
Mix the egg and food well togetherDivide the dough into 2 equal pieces and sprinkle some flourRoll two equal slices of the doughBrush one half with food
Place the other dough slice on top and press the seams wellMake sure that the sides are nicely closedDecorate the cake with the almondsBrush the cake with the rest of the egg
Put the cake in the oven for 40 minutes (170 degrees)Enjoy your meal!

Sinterklaas has already started

As soon as the cake is in the oven and the delicious gingerbread spices spread through the house, Sinterklaas has actually started a bit. Enjoy the cake, here he was very enthusiastically received and received by everyone no time was the cake. He is really delicious!
Next time the cream butter bar is next! Hopefully that will be just such a success!

Video: Dutch Windmill Cookies. Speculaas

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