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It is May holidays, Rocco is free so what are you going to do? Right! Then you grab the car and drive to Germany for a day at the Moviepark. We're going to celebrate. Rocco, Leo (father of Rocco), Rob and me. Thankfully Moviepark is just across the border, so it is not really far away.

This is certainly not our first visit to this park, but we can not get enough of it. Frankly, this park is our favorite. There is actually only one drawback to this park: one day is actually too short!


If we drive to it, traffic is favorable to us. We leave at 7.15 and we can almost continue. Only at Utrecht we have a small delay of a few minutes. We arrive at Moviepark well in time. In fact, the doors are still closed at that moment. Unfortunately, the weather gods are less generous. Or rather, it is only how you look at it. In any case, the water falls considerably. We decide to wait in the car until Moviepark opens its gate.

Warm reception by Marylin Monroe

Upon entering, we are immediately welcomed by the legendary Marylin Monroe. Of course my men are taking pictures with her. Even Rocco - normally not such a photo object - does not miss this beauty. After the photo opportunity we immediately put on the Bermuda Triangle. We are already wet from the rain, so those few extra drops of water from this attraction can also be added. It does not matter either, because when you come out of the attraction you can dry all your clothes in a heat dryer. That's nice, because it's not that warm.

Star Trek

Once De Bermuda Triangle survives, Rocco falls on his eye on a huge roller coaster. He must and will! It turns out to be one of the newer attractions, Star Trek. Rocco immediately accompanies his father. Rob and I prefer our entertainment in quieter attractions. That bit of a mess, does not have to be that way for us. Rocco can not get enough of it and knows how to get his father crazy every time.

The Walking Dead Break out

Well, quiet ... That might be a tad exaggerated. Rob and I go to the attraction The Walking Dead Break out. This attraction is not included in the admission price. You pay 6 euros extra per person. However, it does not prevent us from going there. We also do not care about the warnings. The attraction is for 16 years and older.
Of course I'm not going to tell you what to expect, because that would be a shame. But at least we enjoyed it. And yes, I have held Rob's hand very firmly.


Moviepark has many attractions and there is plenty of fun to be found from small to large. Of course it is for the little ones to enjoy in the Nickelodeon section. But not only the little ones will enjoy themselves here, there is also a lot to do for the older children or even adults. In this section it really does not just go smooth and easy!

Wild West

And how about the Wild West! The buildings look beautiful and complete in style. Rob immediately gets ideas to build a veranda at his house. When I walk through the Van Helsing shop, I am glad that Rocco is at the loot with his father. He certainly wanted to buy the whole store empty. The more skulls, the better, as far as he is concerned.

Many photo opportunities

The park has many photo opportunities, very nice to use as a memory for later. Fortunately, Rob is easily persuaded to stand as a model for this. Ah, as a professional author, he obviously does not hand over his hand.

Fantastic show

The Grazxy Cops New York show is really fantastic. What a great stuntmen! You always hold your heart, but fortunately all go well. The smell of burning rubber quickly fills your nostrils and you jump off your chair at the blasts. What a spectacle. If you visit the park, you should not miss this.

Too much to experience

We have done, seen and experienced everything. Together, separate from each other and yet we have not been able to see everything. We enjoyed the 4D movie (Ice Age), the shows and various attractions. At the end of the day it was full of all impressions and experiences. Fortunately, the return journey was just as prosperous as the outward journey, so that we were back in The Hague after about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Rocco now sleepily in the backseat ...

A selection of our experiences

Practical information


Online: from 26.90 euros
At the counter: from 39.50

Children under the age of 4 may enter the park free of charge. There is a discount for people aged 65 and over. There is, however, a need for legality. On Sunday it is even cheaper for 65-year-olds.

More information can be found at www.movieparkgermany.de

We have had a great time and hope to go back soon!

Video: Star Trek Operation Enterprise Off Ride - Movie Park Germany

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