Can the best mother get up? The 8 different types.

Of course, 'the best mother' does not exist at all. We are all people with our mistakes, defects, uncertainties and learning moments. There is nothing wrong with that! And everyone mothers in his own way and that is completely fine. Parenthood is sometimes just 'football'. The best mates are on shore and everyone seems to have an opinion about it. The only one who knows what's really good for his child is you. Yes, do you hear it correctly? You are just that yourself! And do not let those others fool you. Of course there is nothing wrong with getting advice from someone else, others can sometimes be very enlightening. But asking for advice yourself is something other than receiving unsolicited criticism about you.

Different types

Did you know that there are different types of mothers? Of course there are millions of different mothers, because each mother is unique and does it in her own unique way, but globally there are a few different mother types. Maybe you recognize yourself in it? Even though these types have been put down a lot here to underline the differences even more. I have nothing to do with boxes and I recognize myself in all these descriptions and on the other hand I do not. It is just how my cap is. Fortunately, we are never just 'one type' and chances are that you too are a mixture of all these 'mothers'. Still nice to read!

The caring mother

She does everything for her children and prefers to take everything out of her hands. She is always ready for her children. Incidentally, this can sometimes appear as meddlesome or patronizing. Especially when the kids get older. Do not try to take the independence of your children out of your hands. They must eventually learn to stand on their own feet!

The wailing mother

This mother quickly assumes all the blame and tries to win sympathy from her environment. She tries to work on the other person's feeling to eventually get her way. Watch out for this, because you are actually chasing your children away.

The Eco-healthy mother

She knows very well what is healthy for you. Sugar does not come into the house and preferably no meat. She takes good care of humans and animals and her meals are organic and eco-responsible. Of course, the kids are not vaccinated and care products are preferably made by themselves, so that they are sure that there is no chemical mess.

The critical mother

The critical mother wants to keep a grip on every situation. She often judges and condemns rap. Her life seems perfect and she knows how to convey it well, with the perfect shoot on Instagram or Pinterest.
Chances are that as a child you get the idea that you do not do something right quickly because perfection is also expected of you. This allows children to feel that they are not capable.

The sporty mother

When her alarm goes off at 6 o'clock, she jumps out of bed and starts the morning with her warming up and runs a few kilometers before she prepares breakfast. Her condition is great but she expects this from her children too. Nothing at all on the couch!

The chaotic mother

She is such a mother who always loses everything. It would be a bad thing for my son, because he always loses everything. Fortunately his father or I knows, usually where he left it. But the chaotic mother has lost everything herself. She also forgets all kinds of arrangements so that her child runs around on sandals during the sponsor walk and leaves the surprise at home during the Sinterklaas celebration. The children are not spitting and catching up, because in her chaos she has drawn her kids the laundry from yesterday.

The sterile mother

Do you know her? Everything is pretty dirty. Children are not allowed to play in the sand because the cats may have done so. The hands are washed at least ten times a day. Not with ordinary soap but with disinfectant soap. Her kitchen looks shiny, because she polishes all day. Naturally with gloves on. She also expects her kids to be clean all day ...

The alternative mother

She is wonderfully creative and does not care about anyone. Does not participate in fashion and expands and sews - preferably - bright colors the clothes for her children. Her kids are just as noticeable as she herself, but she is not in it. Live and let live! Friends and friends like to come over the floor with the kids because it is always fun. She always thinks up a new idea to be able to do!

Nice yourself

You may not recognize yourself in any type or in all of them. That is totally fine. Of course, the reality is more nuanced and you can take the types with a wink. What is important in any case is to know that you are the best mother of your child. Whether you are crea, eco or chaotic, that does not matter. The point is that you love your child and that you take care of him in the way that you think is the best!

Continue to believe in yourself and enjoy each other very much! For your child you are the best-of-all-best mother! What others say! As mothers among us, let's help and compliment each other instead of criticizing ... (which unfortunately happens often, often to make you feel good). I think you are all toppers in any case!

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