Troublemakers - What if your baby is restless?

All babies cry. Nothing new under the sun. But what if your baby is crying a lot? If he is always difficult to comfort, sleeps badly and you are busy all day (and night)? Is that normal? Is mother just 'heavy'? Is it time to let your baby cry and thus "learn to sleep"? NO!

Being a mother is fun (usually then), making your baby cry totally unnecessary and normally unrest is not. Crying is the same in baby land as talking to a megaphone. Time to listen! And does not your baby cry a lot, but can you simply comfort yourself or just know that there is 'something', even then it is time for action. Mothers know best.

Why babies cry

Normally babies cry for a reason. That can be hungry, but baby can also have it cold, want a clean diaper or need a little security, for example. Usually there is not so much going on, you learn to know him quickly enough to know which cries belong to which message and that whining does not go through the bone. Unless you are dealing with the real troublemakers. Whatever you do, your little one seems to become more and more restless. Will your baby remain dissatisfied, is it difficult to comfort and worry? Chances are you're dealing with one of the seven notorious troublemakers:

The bad guys ...

Excitement, colic, cow's milk protein, reflux, vertebrae and other: all bad guys in a row when it comes to 'normal' unrest without underlying medical suffering. And what can they tease. They sometimes work alone, but often together. Sometimes once in a while and sometimes all at the same time. And to make it even more difficult: one also causes the other. For example, if your baby cries a lot because he is over-stimulated, a lot of air comes in. That in turn causes bubbles in the intestines and thus: cramps. The total unrest ensures that the baby can not sleep much and thus become more restless. If your baby has reflux, you often see, for example, that there are cramps. And a cow's milk allergy. And overstimulation. And over-fatigue. And that list goes on and on unless you manage to stop it.

Recognize the troublemaker ...

Always look for the cause of the turmoil and do not (only) deal with symptom control. And never look at only 1 culprits. Be quick, so you prevent all domino stones from falling.

How? By first observing well and noting this down. Step 1 in the large step-by-step plan for unrest *. So that in step 2 you can expose your culprit.

How do you know if your baby is tired?

Your baby whines;
Often does hazelnaps;
Is difficult to fall asleep;
Is happy in the morning but cries more as the day progresses.

How do you recognize a cow's milk allergy?

Your baby cries a lot and is very restless;
Has a rash on his body or around his mouth;
and sometimes slimy shit that smells bad and sometimes green;
He drinks badly, but he wants to;
Looks tired, sick and often has abdominal cramps;
There is an allergy in the family (eczema, hay fever, asthma).

How do you recognize stomach cramps?

Your baby is not always restless. Well after a feeding or just before a poo diaper. The unrest is peaking in the afternoon;
It is getting worse and reaches its peak at the age of six weeks, after that it keeps getting better;
There are waves of pain, in between there is peace;
Your baby is overstretching and shrinking.

Or is it reflux?

Your baby smells sour and swallows often or spits a lot;
Do not want to lie at all;
Drinks unsettled: would like to get off quickly, then again;
Starts the day restlessly and becomes increasingly restless. Especially during and after food there are explosions of pain;
It's getting worse;
Sleeping badly or actually hardly.

And ... .Action!

Do you have a suspicion? Then it is time for action. For if your culprit is reflux, for example, you can continue to dig into the cause. Reflux is also a result of other troublemakers. So treat your reflux only with 'just tilt the bed' or with medication, then there is symptom management. And the cause in the meantime throws oil on the fire again and again. The same applies to a cow's milk allergy, for example: if you only switch to cow's milk-free food, you will remove the trigger. But the cause remains. If you add another trigger later, such as solid food or pollen in the air, that 'predisposition' will also float up again. Spit deep and search wide. Look for the causes behind the unrest and make your baby a happy camper. You can do a lot, yourself and together with one or more practitioners.

How do you do that?
With the step-by-step plan in the book Baby Reflux & other troublemakers. It helps you yourself to be in charge, more focused and faster assistance and a diagnosis and with the right solutions to get started. And after that? With the nutritional advice, the sleep recipe and the comfort methods, you put your baby back on the right path.

Curious? At you can download the first chapter for free.
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