Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn

Unicorns are very popular and I can understand that a little bit. Unicorns are magical, have beautiful colors and are terrific. Is there anyone in love with that? All these qualities also apply to this Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn! And do you know what makes this unicorn extra special? He can defecate! "Yegh!" You think. But do not be alarmed, because this Unicorn does not make dirty smelly poojoo, this unicorn makes beautiful magic grinding poop! And that's super fat. Provided you do well ...

The Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn is more than just a beautiful pooping Unicorn. The experience starts with the unboxing of many accessories, with which the tension is built up. What will you discover? Behind the colored package there are hidden openings in which surprises are hidden which appear when you unroll the cardboard. That unwinding is also surprisingly simple.


During wrapping you can choose to unpack the bags one by one in the order that you come across them, but of course you can also choose - just like I did - to first discover them all and then one by one to unpack.

A beauty!

Finally, the Unicorn itself is the turn. You can find her in the packaging while she is already sitting on the jar. And what does she look cute with her beautifully colored hair, her big eyes and glittering unicorn. It is definitely a beauty!

In addition to the jar and Unicorn there is also a tailor, a spoon and a kind of toothbrush.

The poop experiment

And when everything is unpacked, admired and cuddled, then of course the big shit experiment begins. Because is she going to poop her poop? You can imagine that in order to be able to defecate, you have to eat first. Eaten very well. And that food goes in different stages.

RTFM - Read the fu *** manual

It is important that you include the manual and take the steps one by one. If you do not do this, there is a good chance that you might poop at your lap instead of at the potty. That happened to me and unfortunately at a time when the poo was not yet a mucus but a wet, liquid mass. So pay attention to this !! Because as soon as you take the last step, the poo comes out ...

It went wrong with me because I did not turn off her diaper before I turned the switch on. I did it only afterwards and then things went wrong. The diaper ensures that her navel is pressed and everything stays inside. As soon as you turn off the diaper while the switch is already on 'poop', you immediately put the poop mechanism into action and you are - just like me - completely covered in shimmering Unicorndiarree ...

This was really my own stupid fault but just pay attention so !! Because once you can laugh at it but you really do not want to come across that again. If you have done well and the poo has just landed in the jar, then the poo needs to stiffen up to really mucus. Then you can possibly put it in the poo mold, to make it a real mess!

Fun experience

The Unicorn is actually a collection of lots of things that children like: making mucus (the poo is slime after all), unboxing (there are lots of magical surprises to discover) and Unicorns!

Create magical, fragrant Unicornhoops in all colors of the rainbow! Filled with some Unicorn magic, glitters and crunch, you always make new Unicorn creations. If you have to go, you can keep your creation in the airtight jar to keep your Unicornhoopje fresh every day!

Specifications Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn

TitlePoopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn
BrandMGA Entertainment
price59.99 euros
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