Sex during pregnancy - Can it harm?

Sex during pregnancy is that possible? Yes, that's possible! Is not my child in danger? No, without medical reasons, he does not run any danger. In fact ... sex during pregnancy can keep your pelvis smooth and strong! And an orgasm for your child feels like a gentle caress ...

Right! Or not?

In the first half of your pregnancy you can have sex just like you did before you were pregnant. After all, your body does not yet show many changes. Some small changes can now cause even greater excitement. Think about more sensitive breasts. Although there are also women who at the moment experience touch of the breasts as painful. On the other hand, in the first trimester you can feel miserable for sex due to all sorts of ailments. If you have walked around sick all day and you feel as tired as a dog, it is not surprising that you do not feel like fumbling at your body in the evening.


As your belly grows, some positions become a bit trickier. But when you are creative, you do not have to be discouraged by this. Do you prefer to be satisfied in a different way? Also no problem. Nothing is allowed, everything is allowed. And you decide for yourself what this means for you. Talk about it together and do not allow anything to be imposed because you think it 'has to'. Making love, sex, or whatever you want to call it, is a matter for you together.


Your body changes during the course of your pregnancy, that is visible and also costs a lot of energy. But mentally you do not change the impact of the hormones just as well. It is therefore not at all strange that your sex life changes just as well.
Because the vagina during the pregnancy a little more blood flow, you can have more sense in lovemaking, but it does not need at all.

Not dangerous

Whether you feel like it, less sense, more sense or no sense, that is entirely up to you. But at least know that sex is absolutely not dangerous during pregnancy. Your child is well protected in the womb. It is packed in the membranes and the amniotic fluid and is sealed off from the outside world with a mucus plug. Penetration or an orgasm can not harm your baby. The uterus is a muscle that contracts regularly and not just during an orgasm. This contracting ensures that your uterus will remain in good condition before delivery.

Soft caress

The contraction of the uterus during an orgasm, feels like a gentle caress for your child. It also appears that having sex during pregnancy protects the woman against a dangerous form of high blood pressure that can occur during pregnancy.

Opinions divided

The opinions about sex in the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy are divided. Some doctors recommend not to have sex at that stage, because the membranes can then break at any moment. When you want to make love, these doctors advise you to use a condom in any case.

No penetration

However, there are times when you should not have penetration. These moments are often in the third trimester. For example if your membranes are broken, if you suffer from bleeding after having sex, have a placenta in front, or if there is a threatening miscarriage or preterm birth. And if you doubt? Just ask your midwife.

Different possibilities of sex during pregnancy

Woman on top

This allows you to control the depth of the penetration and there is not too much pressure on your stomach and breasts. You can also determine the tempo yourself.

Man on top

Your partner is resting on his hands and knees, while you are lying on your back so that your stomach is not in trouble.

Side position

You lie face to face and pull one leg to give your partner space.

Spoon posture

You are both on your side against each other. With this position you have a less active role during sex which you may like.


The use of a vibrator can do no harm at all. However, make sure it is clean before you use it. Of course, masturbating by hand can do no harm at all.


Your partner is sitting on a (solid) chair and you are sitting on his lap with your face facing him. You can determine the tempo in this way.

Oral sex

Oral sex is not dangerous for you when you are pregnant, with one exception: do not allow air to blow into the vagina. Air blown into the vagina is dangerous, and can even have fatal consequences, whether you are pregnant or not.

Anal sex

In itself, anal sex during pregnancy can not hurt. You just have to be careful when you want to go from anal to vaginal. The penis must first be cleaned properly, or you have to change condom for a while. If you do not do this, then you have an increased chance of getting bacterial vaginitis, this infection can break the water and usher in a premature birth. So pay attention.

NB: Avoid lying on your back, this is not recommended after the fourth month of pregnancy (16 weeks).

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