Baby clothes - What do you all start with?

There is a lot involved in getting your baby set complete. Consider, for example, the design of the baby room, the stroller, care products or baby clothing. Because what kind of baby clothes do you need for that first period? And how much? Of course, after birth you will definitely get the necessary clothes from friends and family who come to hug your child, but often these baby clothes are in a larger size. It is therefore important that you have everything in-house for the first weeks (or months). But shopping with baby clothes is not a punishment. It is really fun to do! Those little clothes are so cute ...!

However, if your budget is not that big, you can not go completely loose of course. That is why we have listed this, what you really need for that first period. Take a look at the HEMA, they often have very affordable baby clothes.


Let's start with the 'underwear', the rompers. Rompers are baby suits that you put on the diaper and (usually) under clothing. Depending on the season in which your child is born, you can buy it with long sleeves or with short sleeves. The best you can have about 4 or 6 ready. One or two in size 50, but you can buy the rest in a size 56/62. Your child is inside no time grew out of size 50, so it would be a shame if you bought too much of it.

Rompers are available in all kinds of fabrics, colors (preferably cotton!) And prints. Of course the price depends on the brand, but for a romper you are on average about 5 to 6 euros. Sometimes you can buy them per two or they are on offer. As long as your child is still safely in your stomach and he is not yet planning to come, you can still browse for bargains.


Right after birth, your child can not hold his heat so well. Especially when it is born in autumn or winter, it is important that you have a hat for him. Of course it is different per child. My son was born at the beginning of February, so in the middle of the winter, but he only got a hat just after the delivery. After a day or three it went fine without a hat. However, it is important that you have one ready for him, because maybe your child has a little more trouble holding his heat.


You can buy yourself completely dull in baby clothes, because it all looks just as cute, but what you really need is about four sets of clothes. These can be dresses, or pants with a sweater, or box sets. In any case, make sure that the clothing is comfortable, that it is made of soft fabrics and that can easily be put on and taken off when changing the diaper.

Babies spit a bit, so also about the clothes. Therefore, buy baby clothes that are easy to wash. For example, terry or cotton clothing. Preferably clothing with a Velcro closure or push buttons. Regular buttons or zips can hurt your child.

When purchasing the baby clothes, take into account the season in which your baby will be born, so that you (for example) do not have a thick terry boxed suit with long sleeves in the summer, so that he can not wear it. By the time it is winter, he will not fit it anymore.

The cost of these sets is highly dependent on brand and store. There are pants of 8 euros, shirts of 6 euros, dresses of 10 euros, but if you want it of a certain brand, this can increase considerably. How crazy you make it, you decide in the end yourself.


You obviously do not want your baby to get cold feet, so 2 pairs of socks would be nice. Socks are also available in all kinds of colors. Often you can buy them as a set of 2 or more. The prices vary from about 2 euros (for 3 socks) to about 5 euros (for 4 socks). Of course you can also opt for a baby car. The price for a baby litter is around 7 euros. Often there are two in a package.


Your child obviously needs a jacket. A thin jacket for the warm months, a thicker jacket for the cold winter days. A good jacket is often somewhat more expensive than the rest of the clothing. It is therefore best to keep an eye on the sales. Who knows, you might find a nice jacket for a bit less. On average you will lose around 20 euros for a baby jacket. But here, too, you can make it as crazy as your purse allows.

Wash beforehand

And if you have it all at home, it must all be washed before the birth of your child. To prevent your child from suffering from allergies and / or skin irritations, it is best to wash the clothes with a special detergent without dyes and as little as possible (preferably no) perfume.

Baby shops

There are many different shops where you can buy baby clothes, but I want to give you a tip to pay a visit to the HEMA. The baby clothing is not only super cute, but also very affordable.


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