Playmobil Mobile attack tower of the dwarfs

Playmobil has been running for many years and it is still to be found in most children's rooms. Often it even involves multiple packages. The themes have been expanded so that there is always a package that suits your child and his development phase. Extra nice are the beautiful details that Playmobil is so good at. This is also the case with this attack tower. There is so much to open, move, use and play with that it offers a lot of challenge to let go of your imagination and experience exciting adventures. Precisely those details ensure that the experience becomes lifelike.

Fun for young and old

Children can fully immerse themselves in their imagination. This does not only apply to the little ones, but also to the older children.

Actually Playmobil remains fun for young and old, because if you look deep into my heart, I still like it! I may not be able to play with it as children do, but I absolutely enjoy building, decorating and photographing the various building kits. I really did not find it a punishment to assemble the packages for Rocco when he was still small. Honestly, I even regretted it once he had the age to do this himself ...

Attack tower

This attack tower is a new package from Playmobil and if you see how extensive and challenging it is, you immediately understand that this tower is nominated for the Toy of the Year. This tower asks to be played with. Not just in between, no, this tower demands tough and long adventures. The dwarf world is in fact in turmoil! So he can use all the help!

Dwarf king

The dwarf king calls on everyone to get ready for the attack. Immediately a dwarf fighter begins to hit the drums, after which the giant role starts to run to the beat. Slowly the mobile assault tower of the dwarfs with gangster, ballistas and prison advances. All dwarf fighters get ready for battle, put their helmet on and take their sword. Only the ballistas have yet to be loaded and then the fight can begin! Who would not want to play a role in this story?

Extra fun

Of course, the ballistas that can really shoot are extra fun! They can be folded out at the side. Also do not forget the movable walkway and the exciting battle weapons. The upper platform of the attack tower can be removed for better accessibility. The enemy may tremble with fear, because the dwarves are invincible with this tower!

Specifications Playmobil Mobile attack tower of the dwarfs

NamePlaymobil Mobile attack tower of the dwarfs
price63.95 euros

The history of Playmobil

Playmobil has existed since 1974 and is meant for children from four to twelve years old, but to be honest, it is still fun after that age! The puppets were designed by Hans Beck, he was inspired by the then popular tin soldiers. Those soldiers are no longer there, but the Playmobil dolls are still popular today. We owe the characteristics of Playmobil to the children of Hans, so that the figure got enough moving parts to change posture but not too much so that it would become complicated. And do you know why the dolls do not have a nose? Well, because it is often missing on children's drawings. For children, this is apparently completely unnecessary.

Oil crisis

Maybe also nice to know, the size of the dolls (7.5cm) is not only determined by the small children's hands (they fit in so nicely) but also by the oil crisis in the 70's. The increased oil price had made plastic more expensive and therefore the dolls have remained so 'small'. The toy manufacturer Brandstätter had explicitly asked for small toys.


The first Playmobil collection was built around three themes: the construction, the Wild West and the knight days. The collection has been expanded over the years. From 1975 onwards, female dolls also appeared and around 1980 the first children's figures appeared. These are slightly smaller, about 5.5 centimeters.

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