Adventure park Hellendoorn

It is vacation, so we go out for another day! This time 'Avonturenpark Hellendoorn' is on the program. For us not really next door, because from The Hague it is a ride of about 2 hours. But we have been in the park more often and know that it is worth it.

Sizzling summer evenings

There are a number of 'sizzling summer evenings' in the park and exactly as we go, it is such an evening. This means that the park is open longer (until 22:00) and that you can use the attractions up to 21.30 hours. These days are completed in a spectacular way with a large fireworks show. So we are lucky, although this also means that it is a lot busier than on other days. We notice that immediately when we arrive and park in a traffic jam a few kilometers before the park to be able to park.

More summer evenings

Do you also want to enjoy the Stunning summer evenings? This can still be done on: August 2, August 9 and August 16.

Stunt show 'The Magical Maya temple'

As soon as we enter the park we are lucky, the stunt show is about to start and we can go straight on to enjoy it. Several times we have already been in Hellendoorn, but in one way or another we have missed this show the previous times. Crazy actually because that is not necessary at all. The show is being performed several times a day.


The High Dive stunt show is absolutely worth watching. There are jumps of incredible heights and dangerous stunts performed. It is an exciting, fun show (with the necessary humor) for the whole family!

Little Karel and Jasmine

Despite our previous visits, we had not previously visited Het Gouden Theater for the show 'Kareltje en Jasmijn'. A show that is especially suitable for smaller children but also where a lot of (hidden or subtle) adult humor can be discovered. Even though we were not with small children in the park, we really enjoyed the show. What a wonderful energy radiate these two. Definitely worth a look! Even if you do not have small children with you.


It is a beautiful summer day when we are there. A visit to the slidepark, can not be missed. I have lost Rocco, my teenage son, for the time being. He will entertain himself for a few hours with the many spectacular slides that the park has to offer. He can not get enough of it. It takes us a lot of effort to get him to change his swimsuit again for his shorts to enjoy the park. He has enjoyed seeing his shiny eyes.
There is also plenty of water fun for the smaller children. You can get rid of the spectacular waterways, but of course you do not have to. There are also slides that are more suitable for smaller children and there is also water fun possible without sliding.

Extra cost

Access to the slidepark is not included in the entrance tickets. You have to pay separately for this. The costs for this are: 3 euro p.p.

New attraction

For the older children, roller coasters and other sensational speeds remain the most popular. So of course the newest attraction of Hellendoorn Adventure Park had to be tested: The dragon's nest! Dragon's Nest is a revolving, back and forth moving disc in which you can take a seat. And that in an atmosphere of knights and dragons. How nice do you want it!

New resident

With the arrival of the Dragon's Nest, the park has a new resident: Hellendra. Hellendra is an unscrupulous dragon, fond of gold and money. She takes what she can take ...

Small and big attractions

There is plenty to do in the park for young and old. It is a series of shows, small and big attractions and all in a very friendly atmosphere. That makes the park so attractive. A selection of the possibilities:

Sungai kalimantan (whitewater), sewer ride (roller coaster through the dark), Tornado (roller coaster), wild waterfall, whirligig, the Galleon (pirate ship), Tarantula Magica, Dragon's nest, water slides, dinos, playground, Discovery club, monorail and much, much more.

One small minus

We had a wonderful day with only one small minus. I was put into the aqua park by a wasp. Of course the park can not do anything about it, but the 'lifeguards in the aquapark' who are responsible for the first aid, did not know much about it either. On the one hand, 'my' lifeguard did not know with certainty whether he had something against the bite and once he had found a vacuum pump, he did not know how he worked ... An extra first aid training, would not be a luxury in my opinion.

Information about Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Admission price: 23.50 euro (ordering online is 1 euro cheaper)
Additional costs Aquapark: 3.00 euros
Parking: 7 euros

Adventure park Hellendoorn
Luttenbergerweg 22
7447 PB Hellendoorn

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