Ready2Robot Bot Blasters

This Ready2Robot is the counterpart of the LOL Surpriseballs. I will not say that for boys these robots are the same as the LOL surpriseballs for girls, because there are undoubtedly many boys who like the LOL surprise balls, just like many girls will love this Reday2Robot.

Unbox for boys

However, it was what my son immediately called when he saw this package: 'Finally unboxing for the boys!' He is 14 and does not care about discussions about gender-neutral parenting. I did, however, educate him as gender neutral as possible (years before this discussion arose anyway) and always pointed out that he had to follow his own course, whatever others would think of it. People always find something, so you should not listen to that. I think it is important that he should remain himself. Whether he plays with dolls, with cars, with a dollhouse or warehouse, do especially what you like. I have pretty well succeeded. Maybe a little too good, because Rocco does not take anything from anyone at this moment.

He could not wait

He reacted immediately enthusiastically to this package and can not wait to open it. But he has to wait until I have time to photograph everything right away. And that moment was last night. I only had to call him just once and he came running straight away. He had so much sense in it. Usually this is different when he is just busy with a game. Actually I thought it was nice to do unboxing with him, because frankly I had no idea what to expect from this Ready2Robot. Fortunately, Rocco told me everything about it.

Build your ultimate fighting machine

I find it hard not to say it, so I'm just going to say it. This Ready2Robot will undoubtedly become the unbox-collecting passion for boys. And it's cool, bold, cool, or in short, 'the bomb' for unboxers who do not like cute dolls, but are fond of unpacking, mucus and sensational robotic battles. With this collection series you will make your own robots, mix and match. You can compete with friends in a robot fight in the Fightanium Arena.

There are a lot of robots to collect and with all the different parts you can finally assemble your ultimate fighting machine and jump to victory! Because then there is really no one who can beat your robot.

Parts say nothing to me

When I start to unpack, I immediately get excited. I love unboxing, I like to come across something and unpack. Although I must honestly say that the parts that I encounter during unpacking, do not tell me anything. I really have no idea what I'm unpacking. Rocco, on the other hand, immediately shouts: 'Oh, that's a caterpillar foot', or 'Yes, that's an arm!'. I have no idea, I do not say so much yet. Only when I have unpacked all parts and Rocco has put them together, I see what it has become. A super fat robot! I have to fish his driver out of a bowl of slippery mucus. I correct: gruesome sticky mucus. Ieuw. But mucus is hot and which child does not like this sticky slipperiness. If I am honest, I must confess that I actually like it.

Different versions

The Ready2Robot is available in different versions. This is the luxury version. In this package you will find the Ready2Robot surprise capsule, but you also get an extra weapon. The set includes 5 accessories. There is also a ready2Robot Single version and it is slightly cheaper. The single is available for 11.99 euros.


I am enthusiastic because now there is finally a nice unboxing collection for those who do not like bling bling dolls. It is a tough package with the ultimate unboxing pleasure and then also with a slimy lock. Who would not want that? Certainly know that kids will be happy here. Even if the children are no longer very beep. Rocco (14) still liked it a lot. And secretly, I just like that again.

Ready2Robot Bot Blasters Specifications

NameReady2Robot Bot Blasters
price17.95 euros

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