I tested Stella's electric mom bike ... and was pleasantly surprised! # blog5

At least twice a week I can be found on one of my bikes. As a resident of the Veluwe I am of course close to the fire: this area has the most epic mountain bike and bicycle routes. I basically ride everything that is made of steel, aluminum or carbon and stands on two wheels: from road bike to city bike, from mountain bike to trekking bike. But when I am asked if I want to test an electric mother bike from Stella, I am a bit skeptical at first. Electric driving, I'm still too young for that?

Customer-friendly environment

The next day I enter a test center of Stella in the neighborhood. Despite the crowds, I am kindly received by the employees, just like other customers. It strikes me immediately that interested people of all ages visit the test center. After providing expert advice and a cup of great cappuccino, I get the new Mafia bike Fiore for a test drive. Still a bit exciting, such a first time on an e-bike.

Safety above all

I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the mamafiets Fiore. The electric bike has a hip design: here you can be spotted with peace of mind. The model has a low entry, so you can also get on your bike as a mum with two children in the seats. The two leg stand and the steering lock ensure that the bike always remains stable and can not fall over.

When it comes to safety Stella really thought of everything with this mother bike. The display on the steering wheel is easy to read, clear and clear. The panel can also be operated easily and quickly with one hand, so that you can keep your eyes on the road when you go out with your children. How you can operate the bike is self-evident: even I looked like an e-bike.

But how does he drive?

Less than ten minutes after I drive off the mummy bike from the test center, I cycle through the Veluwe woods. For very little effort I get a lot back: a speed of more than 24 kilometers per hour and pedal support that feels smooth and fine. I'm certainly not the lightest, but the e-bike feels reliable and stable under my weight. That is no different, because the bike is designed so that an adult with two children can drive.

The support can be set at five different levels: from a light support to a firm support in the back. At stage five, even a steep climb up the hill feels like a flat bike path. The Stella Fiore is really nice to ride away. I can not wait until I get home, to tell everyone enthusiastically about my first experience with an electric bike.

A healthy alternative

Actually the Stella Fiore offers the comfort of a luxury city bike, but with the possibility to move at lightning speed. An e-bike could therefore be a healthy alternative for picking up the car, for example to work. This way you save money for fuel and you are in motion. You will also not arrive sweaty at work after 25 kilometers of cycling. You decide how much effort you want to make. With a full battery you can make about 100 kilometers, so you live out!

Would I buy it myself?

My first experience with electric bikes has left a positive impression. Would I buy Stella's mamafiets myself? If I now have little children, absolutely! I bought a mother bicycle myself about eight years ago. A heavy, awkward beast who could barely get ahead. Within three weeks of purchase, the bike was back on Marktplaats. I would not have had any problems with the Stella Fiore. Even in hilly terrain or with strong headwind, you drive to your destination in a relaxed manner.

Stella: a world of choice

Even if you're not looking for a momma bike, Stella has many other options to choose from. I am looking into the test center. My eye falls directly on the sporty speed pedelec: a fast, robust speed e-bike with speeds up to 45 kilometers per hour. I did not save on my super fast racing bike yet. Not even in my slimmer days!

Also the e-bike Vicenza Superior Nero immediately gets my attention. This trendy all-rounder will be voted 'Best Buy' in the e-bike test of that year by the Consumers Association in 2017.
What also strikes me is that Stella bikes are actually very affordable. Especially when you compare them with e-bikes from other brands. The bikes are thus accessible to a wide audience, and that is reflected in the test center. All happy people, young and old!

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