Maternity party - How are you going to tackle this?

Your child was born! Everything is well done and everyone wants to come and admire your prince or princess with your own eyes. Some people enjoy receiving (almost) daily maternity visits, but if you have a lot of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, it may be a good idea to organize a maternity party, a maternity drink or a high tea stall. Not just a few weeks after birth.

More peace

This gives you more rest in the weeks after delivery, which is good for the baby but also for you. After all, your whole life is turned upside down and it is nice to first get used to each other and your new rhythm, before you are overrun by an enthusiastic visit.

What are the pros and cons of a maternity party

There are absolutely advantages in organizing a maternity party. For example, you can build a few weeks of rest around you during this first period after your birth. Rest to get used to each other, to get used to the new family situation and the care of your child. Even for your child is calm around, of course very nice.

All visitors at once

At a farrowing party you immediately get all the visitors on the floor, so you do not always have to arrange things. Precisely because it is arranged so centrally, you give that the opportunity to outsource things. That can of course be so nice. A disadvantage may be that you may not be able to speak to everyone personally and that it is not possible that everyone cuddles with your child.

How do you organize a maternity party?

Address list

Compose a mailing list with the invitees, make sure that you have pre-printed all addresses on label so that you do not have to do that at the last minute.

Think about practical issues such as:

Where do you want to give the party. At home or at a location? Inside or outside?
How long after birth?
What is your budget?
Do you want to organize it yourself or do you hire professional help for it?
Which snacks do you want to serve? How extensively do you want to do this? Finger food? Buffet? Snacks or only biscuits with mice.
Today there is so much fun candy and candy for sale in pink and blue. Of course you can already go shopping in advance, so you know exactly what you want when it's ready.

Arrange help

You will have your hands full with your child and the attention of the guests. It might be helpful to ask someone who can help you with all the practical things during the party.

Maternity gift list

Compose a maternity gift list, which can be presented through a list of certain baby affairs, but also online it is possible to present a list, for example at Of course you can also go to work manually and give someone a list that approaches all guests. It prevents you from getting much of the same, washing is obviously a waste.
Maternity gifts - Tips for the best maternity gifts!


Arrange the correct decoration prematurely, because the party should of course be cheered up with garlands and balloons, but of course you can expand this as much as you like, with flowers, crockery, cutlery and other decorations.

Sufficient rest for your baby

Consider well in advance how the guests should deal with your child. Your baby will not like to lie on fifty different arms. He remains the most important, so make sure he gets enough rest!

Something for the children

Do you expect a lot of children? Then it is advisable to think of something for them. Toys, DVDs, maybe you can even hire a clown?


Do you just want a few days just after your birth for yourself? Then you can also choose to send birth announcements only a few days after birth. You create a few days of peace around you, for yourself, your baby and each other.
On the birth announcement card you can immediately mention the date of the maternity party.
Provide a guestbook where all attendees can write a message during the maternity party. But you can, for example, also choose to have everyone share a message on a sound recorder or video camera.

Beautiful message

It is also nice to have small cards on which the guests can write a nice message. These tickets can be pasted into an album at a later time.
Start on time with the preparations, preferably during pregnancy. After the birth you really have your hands full of getting used to and taking care of your child.
Provide a special corner for the children, where they can play nicely.


In the Netherlands it is tradition to treat a biscuit with mice at a birth. The mice are anise seeds which are provided with a sugar layer, in the colors pink, white, and / or blue. Mice were a symbol of fertility. A recurring ritual is the donation of 'kandeel'. Anise and cinnamon promote breastfeeding so that this is only for the benefit of the maternity nurse and the baby.
Rash with dabs? Stack them up in the shape of a nice cake and if necessary tag flags with the name of your child.


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