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Every newly-grown parent recognizes it. Your baby absorbs all attention and energy, so that you do not have time for yourself that first year (and after that ...). And if you already have that room, you are often too tired to do something nice and fall asleep early on the sofa.

On bed

As I start writing this blog, my daughter is in bed. Mama left for the gym shortly after dinner. Something that she has not or hardly had to deal with in recent months. But a search for a new address closer to home finally pulled her over, to claim something for herself. And now she works twice a week in the sweat at a gym in the nearby village.


That meant that I took Lune in the bath tonight. And of course dried up and smeared some cream, put on pajamas and diapers, combed hairs, brushed teeth, read the story, kissed and turned off the light. It is a ritual that I can dream in the meantime and finish almost automatically on the autopilot. Still, as a father, now that she is more than one and a half years old, I love to tug her a little. It is, I think, not exactly something to be ashamed of as a man. I enjoy her visible pleasure in bath. The gibbering that is starting to become more and more like talking and her endless urge to keep exploring things, to grab them, to put them in her mouth and to continue to challenge me.

Very habitable

It is a fun, recurring game, but life as a young parent can sometimes be quite heavy. Especially now that we have finished the move at the end of December and that in the new house everything has to be done. But hey, the house is perfectly habitable and that not yet a new lamp hangs, is actually a luxury problem.

Take a break

In order to leave all the stress of the move behind us, I thought it would be a good idea to take a break. It would be ideal to be able to temporarily distance himself from parenting as a father and mother and to squeeze a day and a night out with the two of us. But I did not want to take our daughter to one of the grandmothers this time, but just take it to the family hotel that I had in mind.

How should that be?

Mama wondered aloud, when I told her the surprise I had in store, how that would be with the necessary afternoon nap. But we would have to change a sleeve, so I reassured her. So we drove that Saturday, after doing the weekly shopping, to a place on the coast, not too far from home. We enjoyed being away with the three of us. Even if it was not so much that daughter produced such full trousers during lunch, that change could not take longer. There we were all three in the storage room between the stellages and pots and pans to perform a fancy dress party, because she sat from top to bottom below.

Baby bath

Then quickly to the hotel. Check in took a while, because it was pretty busy at the desk. In addition, the baby cot had to be delivered to the room, because that did not come through well with the reservation. Anyway, while we also lay down in bed, we 'dreamed' that our daughter would enjoy her afternoon nap. Of course that did not happen, so only in time at the table in the restaurant.

That went well for some time and we could reasonably enjoy our food, until Lune necessarily had to leave her highchair. As she scrambled around the restaurant, the adjoining bar and the lobby, I constantly followed the laughing faces of the other guests, ignoring them as much as possible. Exhausted, I finally saw her mother beckoning me in the distance to show that the dessert had already arrived. After dinner we of course went upstairs and after the bath ritual we put daughter in bed quickly. Finally we could relax and watch TV from bed before we went to bed early.

Nothing lazy Sunday

The next day we would have access to the room until 3 pm after breakfast. A Lazy Sunday check out had sounded like music to me when I made the reservation. My daughter, of course, thought differently. That night we were awake awake from her cough and spit. She had surrendered in her bed and performed that one more time when we had put her in between us early in the morning.

A good night's rest. And after a well-groomed, but early breakfast, only one option was possible: quickly home. Because Lune was a huge cold and especially very stuffy. No pool, sauna or jacuzzi, but instead we left the hotel a little disappointed after 10.00.

Less quality

Spending time with three was successful, but unfortunately with less 'quality' than hoped and thought. The next time I would look at Granny again and get away from it all. This little girl can not (yet) direct.

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