Refurbished: Do of do not? # blog48

It is increasingly being offered nowadays, refurbished equipment, or in Dutch: refurbished equipment or refurbished second hand. I came across the term more and more often and that made me curious, because why would you want this? Are you really that much cheaper? Or do you buy the clean-cleaned misery of someone else?

What is refurbished?

Refurbished is the English term for 'overhauled'. The refurbishing of used devices. It is a relatively new concept, which seems to be becoming increasingly popular. Often you can buy these products cheaply and you also get a warranty period. Not only good for your wallet, but also great for the environment.

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

You can imagine that buying a refurbished phone is cheaper than a new one. You just do not have the latest model and you also know for certain that the device has already been used. That does not have to be a problem, but that is possible. After all, it simply remains a second-hand product, with which anything can be wrong. Then you can give it a hip name and let go of a good marketing campaign, but you will not suddenly get a better product.

To be lucky

You must be lucky, because you can, of course, hit it very well and enjoy your advantageous purchase for years to come. Often, for example Apple, gives a long warranty on your device. That gives at least a certain certainty, but that is not always the case.

Recently the Consumers' Association tested a number of refurbished iPhone 6s models at various providers. The quality turned out to be very different from each other. With some phones the screen was loose or very dirty. Of course you are not waiting for it and then the device may be cheaper, if it breaks down quickly, you are ultimately more expensive.

Battery problems

When I look at the iPhones I had myself, I was mainly experiencing problems with the battery running back. And it is precisely this part that is often not replaced. If you then look at the real benefit, it is not that big. You will be nicely made with discount comparisons based on the original recommended price. Then you seem to have a big advantage, but because the models are often out of date, the new price has also dropped. Then you are comparing apples with pears and the (financial) advantage actually only seems minimal.

Research by the Consumers' Association

With only a third of the tested aircraft, the Consumentenbond was of the opinion that it was a good deal. The price was at least 60 euros below the new price and the quality was good for at least four out of five stars. Personally, I think that an advantage of 60 euros on an amount of about 499 euros does not sound very attractive. Why would I want to take the risk for those six decades?

When is it attractive?

If the price is a lot less than the new price, it can of course be attractive and maybe even worth the gamble. It is important that the device has a warranty period. Realize however that if your device in the warranty period, you will not get a new device, but again a refurbished specimen. You do not always have to get better.

All talk

At all the webshops where they offer these products, they will hold great sales talks about their strict revision process and the high quality. In some cases this will certainly be the case, but above all remain very critical. Everyone can write a story, but chats do not fill any holes. Are you interested in purchasing? Keep the following checklist handy.

Checklist purchase refurbished device

1) Is the price acceptable in relation to the current sales advice price?
2) Is there a warranty on the device? Also on the battery?
3) What does the guarantee mean?
4) How are the quality of the devices measured?
5) Is it a reliable webshop?
6) Read the reactions / reviews of other visitors.
7) Is there a legal cooling-off period (14 days)?

Check for water damage

I found this handy instruction that lets you see if your refurbished iPhone has water damage. A handy and simple check, which you obviously need to know! I did not know this way. Never knew that this was on my phone. Perhaps useful to browse through the manual.

Different classificasties

Some shops work with different classifications that distinguish between:

Category A

Cleaned, perfect condition, can have minor traces of use, 12 months warranty

Category B

Cleaned, in perfect condition, (light) wear, 12 months warranty

Apple Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)

This classification can be found with Apple products. Battery and housing have been replaced, product has been cleaned and tested by Apple, 12 months warranty.

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