What are regular days?

It seemed to be going well. Your baby was always satisfied in your arms after his feeding. Slept well and everything was peaceful and nice. And then all of a sudden, from one moment to the next, it seems like your baby no longer has enough of your breasts. He cries a lot and is already hungry soon after his previous diet. Your breasts feel empty and you are uncertain whether you can give him enough. Nothing wrong. You have arrived in the regular days!

What are regular days?

Regular days are inextricably linked to breastfeeding. It has to do with milk production, which must adapt to the needs of your baby. Your baby grows and that growth demands nutrients and as it gets bigger, it also needs more nutrition. During the regular days it seems like he is insatiable, he needs more nutrition than the days before. This often coincides with a growth spurt of your child. Your baby does not grow gradually, but does so with small growth spells. During the regular days, supply and demand are reconciled, so that your child continues to receive what he needs.

If your child is being used more often, because he is so hungry, your breasts do not have enough time to completely fill up. This is the signal for your body to produce more milk. Ultimately, supply and demand are nicely adjusted to each other, so that you have a happy and satisfied child again.

Bottle feeding

Incidentally, children who are bottle-fed, have growth spells as well, and thus regular days. It may be less noticeable, but that does not mean that they are not there. It is only easy to give a little extra milk when you notice that your child needs it. Do not make this a regularity, because too much milk can cause overweight. Consult with the consultation office if necessary.

When are those rules?

Of course every child is different, but on average all children have their regular rules. This corresponds to the following terms:

- 9-10 days
- 3-4 weeks
- 6 weeks
- 3-4 months
- 6 months

Of course you can not put the clock on the same level, but somewhere in these periods your child will make a growth spurt. Incidentally, in warm weather you can also have additional rules, or when your child has contracted a virus and therefore needs extra antibodies.

A growth spurt in the beginning takes about one to two days, but if your child starts to get bigger, it can also take a bit longer.

How do you recognize the regular days?

There are a number of signals from which you can conclude that your regular days have started:

Your baby cries a lot and wants to drink more and more often.
He sabbles on his hands and makes some smacking noises.
Your baby seems hungry, even if he has just eaten. It looks like he has not had enough.
You feel that your breasts are completely empty.
Your baby is crying and very affectionate.
It could be that your baby has a different sleeping pattern. He can go to sleep more because such a growth spurt is a true exhaustion, but he can also wake up more often by the hunger.

How do you pick up the rules?

Introduce your child when he needs it. Even if this means that he needs that every hour. Within a few days everything will stabilize again, so that he gets a normal rhythm again. It is possible that, precisely because you allow him to drink so much during the regular days, you get some buzz when he has found his rhythm again.
Do not give him a nipple, but let him satisfy his sucking needs on your chest.
Make sure that your child drinks your breast properly. After all, the greasier back milk will better satisfy his hunger and the army of your breasts, the more milk will be made afterwards.

Not everything is a rule day

It can happen that your child is restless or unpleasant because something else is going on. For example, that his teeth come through or that he needs more moisture because it is hot. On the other hand, regular days can also pass you by. As long as your child drinks well, grows well and gives full shower pads, there is no reason to worry.

You and regular days

It is really not strange when you feel insecure during the regular days. A baby during regular days can be pretty spicy. Keep paying attention to yourself, take sufficient rest, keep drinking well and eat healthy. Nothing wrong to occasionally take your rest in between so you can sit comfortably in your own skin. The more stable and equipped you are, the better this is for your child.

No worries

Do not worry if he is a little upset during the regular days. He will probably cry a bit more, but in the end it will be okay again.
Do you doubt? Do not hesitate to call the general practitioner or consultation office.
No matter how tiring it is, it is also a beautiful phenomenon, because your body adapts exactly to the needs of your baby. And fortunately, regular days are arranged ... and if you realize that it is a rule day, you do not have to be insecure.

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