The 15 milestones of your pregnancy

From the moment the egg and sperm have found each other, your pregnancy has a number of milestones. We do not want to let them pass unnoticed, so we put together the most important ones for you. Always nice to think about during your pregnancy!

1) The fusion of the egg cell and sperm cell

The very first important moment of pregnancy, even the most important. Without this moment there is no pregnancy. However, the chance is small that you will experience this moment consciously. Yet. It is a milestone. You are pregnant! Joehoe!

2) A positive test

There you are, perhaps with trembling hands. Is it really true? You can hardly believe it, but the pregnancy test in your hands, really points to two lines. Maybe one line is a bit lighter than the control line, but a little bit pregnant does not exist. You are either pregnant or not. Congratulations!!

3) The first symptoms

And if the test is not yet enough evidence, the first symptoms of pregnancy will soon be present. Nauseous, tired or painful breasts. It can all belong to it.

4) First appointment midwife

Looking for a midwife and then that first appointment. Hearing that you are really pregnant and hearing when you're done, makes it all just a little bit. Maybe the heart already beats and you can hear that. Then it is even two miles in one. You have been able to hear your baby for the first time!

5) The first echo

And then the first echo. Now you can not only hear your child, but you can also see him again. Maybe he poses in front of the camera or just makes a crazy lunging. You immediately hear how long you have been pregnant and if everything seems to be in order. Exciting!

6) Magic boundary

Have you waited to tell the good news with everyone? The magic limit of 12 weeks. The end of the first trimester! Hopefully now also those first ailments are over. And if you have not yet made the big news public, this is the moment! Spread the news!

7) Visible belly

With about 14 weeks there is a good chance that your stomach will become visible. From this moment on he will only grow bigger. Maybe a good time to shop for your own clothes? A pregnancy? Pants that provide space for your growing belly?

8) Yes, you feel it!

With about 16 weeks you can start to feel your child. Sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes a bit later. But that crazy feeling in your stomach, that could well be your baby. Maybe you think it's a bit crazy at first and you do not think right about your baby, but those shovels are going to become clearer from now on!

9) 20 weeks

Another wonderful milestone. You're on the half! And then you get another gift in the form of a 20-week ultrasound! This echo is checked to see whether there are any abnormalities, whether your child is growing well, whether his heart is working properly, his brain, his kidneys, his back, his bladder, arms, legs, well, what they are not really looking at. Exciting! Maybe you want to hear right away whether you get a boy or girl?

10) Shopping

Now that you know that everything is going well inside and you may also know whether you can expect a girl or a boy, it's time to shop! Or maybe you have already bought a few things? So nice to buy all those cute clothes! Maybe even looking for the baby room?

11) Viable

The 24 weeks is an important milestone. Of course it is to be hoped that your child will continue to grow for weeks in your stomach, but from this moment on - with a great deal of medical care - your child can be viable. Hopefully, however, he will continue to grow safely in your belly!

12) Pretecho

With about 26 weeks it is a nice moment for a pretecho. Perhaps a 3D or 4D. This beautiful memory for later, can not be missed.

13) Maternity leave

The start of your maternity leave! Then suddenly it all comes very close. You no longer come to work for your child was born. A crazy feeling. Your leave has started to fully prepare for the arrival of your child. Is the room ready?

14) The first woe

Au! Cramp in your stomach. The doubt. Did I eat something wrong or was this a wee? Aai, again. Is the flight case ready? Is the baby room finished? Maybe this cramp was still a false alarm, but the first woe is coming ...

15) Childbirth

And then delivery takes place. It's going to happen now and the adrenaline rushes through your body. You do not hesitate for a second, because this is a contractual storm. Without a doubt. Your child wants to be born and that is NOW.

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