L.O.L.Surprise Eye Spy Biggie Pets Dalmatian

Well before the holidays are in sight, L.O.L. Surprise with a new series! Once I have unraveled the sphere, I know one thing for sure! This is what I think is the most fun series so far! That it will be a hit with the holidays is absolutely no question for me. I'm sure this will be a hit again!

Of course the price tag of this series, but you get a lot in return. After unpacking you can discover the following parts in the sphere:
a Dalmatian with a belt (which is also a piggy bank), 2 kitten babies, 1 baby bed, glasses (which fits perfectly on your own nose) and various accessories (some of which you can wear yourself).

Top secret

This mission is top secret! You can use the special glasses to look for hidden codes that can tell you more about the content. Of course it remains one big discovery where there is a lot of fun to discover, dig and unpack this time. There are no less than 15 surprises to discover in this L.O.L. Surprise. It is even the question how many babies you will find. Are these two? Or do you have the luck to discover no fewer than three babies!

Unpacking is a party

That unpacking is a party is of course proven with the previous series of L.O.L. Surprise. With or without a camera it is unpacking (unboxing) and discovering great fun. This richly filled series has a lot to deal with, whereby the dog is also multifunctional to use. You can even turn it into a backpack with the supplied belt! Super fat of course.

Let's go!

When you open the package, you immediately find a number of items. Of course the pink ball (containing the Dalmatian), but you will also immediately find the pink glasses and two collars. You can of course also wear the collars (a large one and a smaller one) yourself! That makes it even more fun!

Cute little dog

And if you open the ball (perhaps with a little help from father or mother) then this cute dog looks at you with big eyes! Then you melt immediately?

A dog full of surprises

With this sweet puppy the big unpacking can start, because all the other surprises are hidden in his body. You can easily open the dog from the bottom. Afterwards you can use your dog as a backpack or as a piggy bank. Super fun!

Nine bags

In the Damlatian you will find three plastic containers and nine bags. On the bags are hidden messages that you can only read with the special pink glasses on your nose. Exciting! Because what hints can you find?

Unpack bags

And if you have deciphered the secret messages you can of course open the bags. Exciting, because what will you find in it? We found all these things in the bags. Chances are that this is the case with every L.O.L. Surprise will be different again.

Plastic boxes

When all small bags have been unpacked, the plastic boxes are next. By the scoops you can already guess what has to be done: There has to be dug again! All three trays are filled with magical sand! That is already fun to play with. Extra fun is the fact that all three trays are filled with a different color.

Two sweet kittens and a cute charm

Eventually we have released these three darlings from the sand. Two sweet kittens and one cute charm.
With the discovery and unpacking we have been busy for quite some time. Nice to discover and of course perfect to play with. I think this L.O.L.Surprise Eye Spy Biggie Pets Dalmatian will be on many wishlists!

In this series you can choose from three different colors:
hard pink (Dalmatian)
soft pink (rabbit)
orange pink (hamster)

I would say: save them all, because they are really great cute!

Specifications L.O.L.Surprise Eye Spy Biggie Pets Dalmatian

TitleL.O.L.Surprise Eye Spy Biggie Pets Dalmatian
BrandMGA Entertainment
price42.99 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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