Sometimes I make an exception ... # blog56

I regularly receive invitations for various activities such as events, premieres, openings, press lunches, press trips, CD or book launches, et cetera. Due to lack of time, I seldom listen to this. I do not know how it is with you, but I experience as a working mother that every day it is a matter of making choices to keep all those balls high. And no matter how well I try to do it, here too a ball falls down.

Sometimes I would like to go to a premiere if it is a film that Rocco likes or an activity that Rob or I am happy about, but it is by no means enough. But occasionally I make an exception, as recently with the invitation for the pink press lunch from Care Cosmetics. Not only did the invitation look more than inviting, the contact with Care Cosmetics I always enjoy as pleasant. I give the products of Matis and Pupa a warm heart. So I could not refuse this invitation ... and that's why I left for Amsterdam on the right date. Well, that was the intention ...

Not a good start

That departure was in fact still a thing ... Because the moment I wanted to get into the car to drive to Amsterdam, police and ambulance sirens suddenly sounded from all sides. A few minutes later followed by a huge noise above my head. Just before my door, on the playground for the kids, a trauma helicopter landed. Heavy, especially when I look into the street and see the ambulance at a primary school. You put that with both feet on the ground. It will be your child ...

When the helicopter has taken off again, I put on my sunglasses and I left for Amsterdam.

Delicious drink

Upon arrival everyone received a festive welcome drink, which not only looked good, but also proved to be good for the inner person. I like to take a sip of that. Wonderfully fresh!

Care for life

What makes Care Cosmetics especially a beautiful company is their way of thinking. Take, for example, the Care for Life Foundation. A foundation that believes that every child should enjoy a carefree childhood. Unfortunately, this is not self-evident for every child. Take, for example, children with disabilities or illness. This not only causes anxiety, but often also backlog in school. And Care for life comes around the corner. They help children who are chronically, life-threatening, terminally ill or disabled, by fulfilling their wish. They do this in three desired categories:
medical care and tools
educational and sports support
and fulfilling wishes

Care Cosmetics deducts part of its profits from this foundation. And that's a nice thought.

Well taken care of

The lunch was perfectly taken care of and I enjoyed the lobster enormously (but what a struggle with the shears if you do not eat this every day!) And the delicious cheese cake. Just for that cheesecake I come back to Mama-Kelly with pleasure! I just have to taste it again. He was just too good.

Care Cosmetics has wonderful brands

Between the dishes the beautiful brands Pupa and Matis were discussed. Pupa had already stolen my heart for a while with their beautiful lipsticks, which even stay on my lips (and that says something!). Of the new - limited edition - products 'Summer in LA', the summer really comes to an end. Especially the beautiful holo eyshadow is surprising. With every light you see a different color appear and through the mix of resin, wax and oil, the eye shadow also stays in place. Come on with that summer!


And Matis just knows very well what a woman needs. She developed a new formula that ensures the protection and biostimulation of the natural defense mechanism and strengthens the skin barrier. That is a decent mouthful and you do not have to remember that information. That these products are good for every skin type and protects your skin is actually the most important information. After use, the skin becomes softer and feels comfortable again. The skin flora is in balance again and the barrier function has been restored.

There are several products in this line for sale: Sensibiotic cream, Sensimilk toner and the sensimelting mask.
I would like to have these products in my bathroom ...! Who would not, I would almost say.

Nice closing

Time flies when you are chatting. When we look around us at a given moment, the majority appears to have already left. A number are already going to the next event. I pass. I would like to enjoy this delicious lunch and enjoy the delicious products in the goodybag at home ...

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