Animal Day - Feast for the animals

On the 4th of October it is again animal day! Every year this holiday comes back for the animals and this year too many pets will be pampered, pampered and cuddled.

But what exactly is animal day, why do we celebrate this and how can you do something special for your animal? The International Animal Protection has created Animal Day in 1927. This day is meant to put your loyal two or four-legged friend (or more) once in the spotlight. This day is also meant to bring all animals that are not taken care of naturally, but that are threatened or tortured.

Francis of Assisi

Formerly a man named Francis of Assisi lived in Italy. He was a great animal lover who worked hard for the ups and downs of sick animals and people. After his death on October 4, 1226, when he was 44, he was declared a saint. The International Animal Protection used this information to make Animal Day on 4 October.

Something extra

In addition to the daily and usual care that your pet needs, you can do something extra on Animal Day. That does not always mean extra food, there are also a lot of nice other pampering to think of. What does this mean for your animal?

Fleece animals

Fleece animals such as a dog, cat, horse, guinea pig, rabbit can be pampered with an extra long brushing


With your dog you can make a nice long walk; choose a different route or place for example: along the beach, in the forest or a large park.


Cats especially enjoy caressing, warmth and a delicious treat such as fresh fish, liver or chicken, but most of all you spoil them by playing with them.


Horses love to trot in the wild instead of on the treadmill, make extra time for movement.

All animals

Give your friend only his favorite meal today and always give him, especially today, extra, cuddles, compliments and attention!
Who cares for his pet and spends enough time on him, knows exactly what his boyfriend likes!

No party

Not for all animals it is party on October 4. Many animals living in free nature are threatened with extinction, disease or murder. This is partly due to the evolution and changes in the climate, partly due to human intervention (such as urban planning and cutting down forests), but also through pure slaughtering, hunting and poaching. Just think of the whales, elephants, giant pandas, great apes, sea turtles, et cetera.
Another group of animals that does not celebrate today is the abused and neglected animals.
For all these animals you can mean something on Animal Day by donating or donating to one of the many organizations that work for these poor animals, such as: WWF, Animal Protection or various animal shelters.

Animals and children

Animals appeal to children. Children want nothing more than such a cuddly, fluffy rabbit, a cute baby pussy or a tough dog ... But especially in young children, the news is quickly finished and who cares for Moppie, Fifi or Max?
A toddler can not yet take care of a pet independently but together with you this pleasure - and this responsibility - can be shared.
Caring for a pet, wearing a piece of responsibility in it, and learning respect for animals are also valuable things for your child. This is the Pets Top 3 of the most popular pets for toddlers and young children right now:

A pet, whether or not?

Keeping a pet is not a light task. Every type of pet has its advantages and disadvantages and before purchasing you first have to make a few good considerations:

  • what fits your child, what suits you, what fits in your family
  • how much time and attention there are for a pet
  • who takes care of the main care
  • where does the animal 'stay'
  • how much money do you want to spend overall

In addition, the specific characteristics of the relevant creature also play a role: character, care, average age, possible training, costs and purchase of supplies. Be informed in advance by, for example, a pet store, a breeder, a veterinarian, or via the internet.

Animals are fun

It is of course possible that your child is not ready for a pet, no problem then you just wait a year. It is also possible that your child, or one of the other members of your family, is allergic to a certain type of pet.
Nevertheless, animals and children generally go very well together! And do not forget the most important thing: animals are fun, animals provide a lot of fun, animals offer comfort, and stroking and caressing animals is stress-reducing!

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