Pregnancy calendar - Week 20

How big?

Length± 25 cm
Weight± 320 grams
Information about the photo
The fetal movements (kicking, turning, hiccups) are now clear enough to be felt by the mother.


Your baby is now about half the length that it will have at birth. Maybe you already feel him turning and tumbling? He makes 200 movements a day!


Congratulations, you're on the half! From now on your belly will grow considerably. Your baby can become very active if you want to go to sleep. His sleep / wake rhythm is often the opposite of yours. If you rest, he has the opportunity to move. When you move, he is lulled to sleep.
With an ultrasound you can ask if the ultrasound operator can see the gender, if you want to know this. A little boy has already clearly formed a boy.
With week 18 to week 21 a second trimester ultrasound (the so-called 20-week ultrasound) is possible. This ultrasound is used to look at neural tube defects, severe heart and / or kidney abnormalities, growth retardation of the fetus and abnormal amounts of amniotic fluid.
Rebounding Ultronic waves make any deviations in the tissue visible. It gives a real diagnosis on, for example, Spina bifida, but gives no further certainty about the health of your child. The result is immediately known.


Make new photos of your ever-growing belly regularly. Does your belly start to get in the way? Look for pleasant sitting maternity clothes. To try and prevent stretch marks as much as possible, you can best massage your stomach every day with a cream (or oil) with vitamin E. This stimulates the blood circulation of the skin. Nice side effect: Your child will probably respond to these touches.
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