The childminder family

There are different forms of childcare and a childminder family is one of them. It can be a pleasant way, especially if you already know someone where you can bring your child. For example someone with the same ideas and opinions as you or someone you are very familiar with. But if you do not have anyone in your area who can provide such a shelter, you can also look a bit further. There are probably several childminder families in your area.

What is a childminder?

A childminder (also known as a childminder in Belgium) does small-scale childcare in a homely atmosphere. A childminder can accommodate a maximum of 6 children, of which 5 under 4, 4 under 2 and 2 under 1 (own children younger than 10 years are also taken into account).
A childminder must be registered in the National Register for Childcare and Playgroups. You can only register as a childminder if you are in possession of a relevant diploma, a child's first aid certificate and a VOG (Declaration on the Behavior).

Benefits of a childminder family?

The advantage of a childminder family is the more individual attention that can be given to your child, making it possible for the childminder to respond more quickly to certain signals from your child. The groups are smaller than in the regular daycare, so that everything will be a bit calmer for your child. Your child is also in a homely atmosphere, which can be experienced as pleasant. In addition, a childminder is generally somewhat cheaper (and more flexible) than a childcare center.

What should you pay attention to?

If you want to opt for a reception within a childminder family, there are a few things to look out for before you make a choice.
You can of course choose to have a friend fit your baby. For example grandfather, grandmother or a good friend. If you want to do this officially, they must have a valid diploma (The government has compiled a list with diplomas that are valid, to be able to work as a registered childminder.) So that they can register with a childminder agency. If they do not do this, then you can unfortunately not use the childcare allowance.

Pay attention to your choice:
Smoking or not?
Whether or not pets?
How many other children and in what age?
Whether or not a garden?

Also inform yourself about the delivery and collection times and make good agreements about it. Make good agreements about when you do / do not have to pay. What if your child is ill once or there is another reason why he can not come, why are you paid? Or not?

Childminder agency

If the childminder family is not affiliated to a childminder agency, then you actually do not have any rights at all. You can make so many appointments with someone, but if it goes wrong or this person suddenly quits, you still have a problem. You can therefore better choose someone who is registered with a bureau.

Go on research

Inform yourself about the host family you have in mind. Maybe there are people in your area who already have experience with it? Or maybe the neighbors can tell you something? Do not hesitate to inform yourself around you. You bring your most valuable asset to it anyway. After all, with your child you do not want to take unnecessary risks.

Rates of host parents

A standard rate for a childminder family is between 5 euros and 6.50 euros per child, per hour. However, there are childminder families who use a higher hourly rate, for example on the basis of their level of education, their work experience or the provision of extra services. In addition to these standard rates, there are also costs associated with registering as a questionnaire with a childminder agency. In addition, additional costs can be charged, such as a reimbursement for drinks, food and diapers. The height of this can vary per childminder family.

Have a child parent come to your home

You can choose to have a childminder with you, in which case you can determine the hourly rate yourself. However, this is only allowed for a maximum of three days per week. Would you like it longer, then you should employ the childminder. This means that you also have to keep a payroll administration and deduct payroll taxes (and pay them).
If a childminder does not look after your home more than three days a week, then it falls under the Home Services Regulations.
If you make use of the childcare allowance, you can be reimbursed for part of the childcare costs. If the childminder provides care in the owner-occupied home, the childminder agency will carry out a "safety and health risk assessment" before registration in the National Register on Childcare.

Government control

The government imposes quality requirements on a childminder family. The municipality can instruct the GGD to check a childminder agency. Ultimately, it is important that your child is at a safe address.


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