Pregnancy calendar - Week 27

How big?

Length± 34 cm
Weight± 800 grams
Information about the photo
The ears respond to sounds that come from outside the womb. From week 26, the eyes are open when the baby is awake and closed when the baby is asleep.


Your child is now growing less in length, but does arrive in weight. Around this week, the membranes that form the eyelids of the baby will open. He now also receives an eardrum in his ears.


The first six months of your pregnancy is over.

Hard bellies

Your uterus regularly contracts during your pregnancy. From the fourth to fifth month, these exercise contractions increase. This is very normal: your uterine muscles also have to train for the big work later on. Your belly then feels like a hard ball. A 'hard belly' can occur if you suddenly get up, bend or tilt, but also if you have been busy. Also a full bladder or an orgasm can stimulate the uterus enough to contract. Sometimes a 'hard belly' can be a bit painful, but usually you notice very little of it.


If a yellowish liquid (colostrum) is released from your nipples, it is important to keep them clean. It is best to wash them a few times a day (without soap) and carefully pat dry them.
Go in search of birth announcements so you can write the envelopes in peace and quiet. It can be done ... maybe your body will hold a lot of fluid in a few weeks, so you will not be able to write properly with your swollen fingers.
If you retain moisture, you take off rings before it stops.
Have a pretecho made.
Treat yourself with comfortable clothing.
Turn the overview off, 'When do you arrange what?'
Align the birth bags.
Good preparation - Write a birth plan

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