Choosing the right primary school - More important than you think!

Just before the summer holidays began, I received the redeeming phone call from the Rocco school. Rocco was over. Nipped, but over. What did he leave us in suspense? That he was about to go was not that obvious. Actually he stood for too many subjects moderately to weak. Not because he does not have the brains for it, but simply because he did not feel like doing his homework.

It is a real pity that he did not do his best all year. Unfortunately, adolescents have their own will. At least that of me. You can best speak of "a proper will" to say the least.

Problems at primary school

Maybe his attitude has something to do with the problems at primary school. I thought that I had done my best in finding the right primary school. I went to see several schools and finally the choice fell on a school in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, we did not have any comparison material. We also could not draw on the experiences of others. So it was actually a decent guess.

Not in place

Actually, we pretty quickly realized that Rocco was not in place. The atmosphere of the school turned out to be not so pleasant, he was bullied a lot (which was done very little), he was poorly supervised and eventually Rocco was literally sick of this school. Then he went out the door in the morning, but once at school, he spat at the bottom of the tension.
After a lot of tough conversations at school, we finally ended up in full suit and I started looking for another primary school. It became one that was not so close, even in another place. That was a lot of going back and forth and it meant monthly a hefty bill of gasoline. Yet it has been worth every minute (travel time) and every cent of travel costs. Rocco had a good time at that elementary school, where he found a connection and there was a healthy climate.


During the time that I was looking for a school for Rocco, we felt a bit in the dark. We could not compare and experience stories of others we did not know. The choice of a primary school that suits your child is extremely important. He has to spend a decent amount of time there, but it also lays the foundation for the rest of his study time. Do not hesitate to say that the roots lie here for his future career. With such a choice, you obviously do not want to make mistakes at all.

Better arranged

Fortunately, it has now been better arranged and there is much more information to be found about schools in advance. You even have websites that compare different schools, such as On this website you will find a lot of information about the schools in your area, but more importantly, you can easily compare schools. That way you can choose a school that best suits your child. In addition to this option, you will also find final test results, school recommendations and satisfaction survey reports, for example. When I look at the first primary school of Rocco on this site, I can immediately see that the school does not score as well and that the character appeals to me less. In fact, the school not only scores well below average in terms of satisfaction, but the school recommendations are also considerably lower than the national average! If I had known this beforehand, I would of course never have let Rocco go to that school! But then, to put a plastic expression in it: 'Looking backwards you see a cow in his ass'. Of course I wanted to know in advance!

Do not turn back time

If, at the time, when I had to make the choice for Rocco, I had more information available, I would certainly have made another choice. However, I had to do it with the limited information we had back then. Switching between schools in between is never nice for a child, but spending eight years in deep misery is not an option at all. In the end, I'm glad that Rocco has changed school, but I'd rather have done well at the time.

Really super nice that so much information is available to make a good choice. I advise everyone to use this. The information is freely accessible and believe me, you really do not want to experience that your child is literally sick from school. Prevention is really a lot better than cure!

Sharing experience is great!

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