The kids safer online with VPN

When Rocco was still small, I wanted to protect him everywhere. Does he not fall from the stairs? Are his wristbands well? Is he safe on that high climbing frame? Is it possible to trust this cable car? Can I allow him to cycle to the baseball club by himself alone? As children grow, you adjust your limits, but whether they are five or fifteen, you still want them to be safe. Everywhere. So also online.

Important role

The Internet has started to play an important role in our lives. It is impossible to imagine. Our children can hardly imagine how we have ever done without. What did we do with all that free time, which now goes as pixel smoke? I can still remember the rise of the internet very well. I was pretty much 'one of the first at'. Dialing was just by phone (and pay per minute!) And it was all very friendly online. In the beginning there was such an atmosphere 'we help each other' and together we were chatting in the 'Heinekenbar' where only eight people at a time could enter. You can hardly imagine it. It was fun and with digital stumbling blocks there was always a helping hand. I never knew exactly what I actually wanted to be, so I worked as Executive Secretary and Office Manager, without ever consciously choosing. When I became acquainted with the internet, however, I knew that my passion would be there ...

My first online magazine

Initially I went into the world of web design, but after a few years of building sites, I could not adequately put my creativity into it. Only when I had a good job as Operational Manager and gained experience as a Leaf Manager at a glossy magazine for wealthy men, did I know. I wanted to start an online platform for young parents! I gave up my job and started my first online magazine (the forerunner of Already about 13 years ago.

Peering for hours

In the meantime, we stare for hours every day to the screen of PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Our daily round of social media, important appointments, headlines, mail traffic, or just googling some information, it all takes place online.
Times have changed and on the internet it has become increasingly busy. In this case, printer means less safe. Little can be found of the small-scale friendly atmosphere that existed about twenty-five years ago. This means that safety is becoming increasingly important, also online. Or maybe I should say 'just online', because we seem to spend a large part of our time there. And so our children too.

VPN - Virtual Private Network

Of course we are familiar with all kinds of risks of spam, cyber criminals, cyberbullying, unwanted porn and virtual child seducers. Often this starts with our connection, because have you ever considered a secure connection or VPN? Probably not, maybe you have not even heard of it. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Briefly summarized, a VPN ensures that your data traffic is encrypted so that you can safely, anonymously and freely surf the internet. If you want to know more about VPN, you can read more about the advantages of VPN here.

Why would you want a VPN?

For example, to prevent your data traffic from being intercepted by cyber criminals who roll to the data traffic with your bank or credit card.
As a VPN user, you take the IP address of the VPN server, so you surf anonymously on the wild web. Your location and identity can not be traced.
Finally, freedom of surfing could be a reason to choose VPN. Some sites are shielded because you can not get there geographically. This does not only apply in China, here too in the Netherlands there are services and sites that are not available in the Netherlands.

Different VPN providers

There are several VPN providers, but of course you want a reliable provider. On this site you will find a few good options. Most VPN providers offer software for all your devices and operating systems (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android), so you can surf safely on these devices.

VPN and children

Maybe you wonder what VPN can mean for you and your child, well actually a lot. Because he can anonymously surf the net, his IP address can not be traced and that makes surfing a lot safer. VPN also works against building up ad network files such as Facebook, Google and Twitter. And the images of your baby monitor that you can view on your smartphone can no longer be intercepted. More than one good reason!



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