The magic of my name

"The magic of my name" is a personal children's book. It is difficult to say a lot about the content, because it will be different for (almost) every child. The content of the book is determined by the letters that appear in the name of your child. In all cases the child wants to know why it is called as it is called.

A fairy takes your child on an adventure to discover letter by letter what his / her name means. Each letter appears to stand for a (positive) character trait of your child.


The book I ordered has four chapters in which the four letters of my daughters name are discussed. She experiences an adventure with quarreling pirates, she saves a group of bears from a sore throat and undergoes many other adventures. Because not all names are equally long, there are chapters in which a letter is deepened, chapters in which this does not happen and 'just' an adventure is experienced. Do not be afraid that with a short name you will get less value for money.
The images in the book are fun and very colorful. It is played with the letter size and the thickness of the letters, making certain pieces more or less noticeable. Especially for the children who already start reading, very nice.

To order

When ordering, you first choose the name of the child and the gender. Then you get multiple options for a drawing of the main character. Then you will see the book as it will be. You can now write a personal message at the front of the book for free.
Then there are options for a hardcover and to have the name printed on the cover. For these two options an extra fee is charged, which I can not immediately find on the site.
After two to three weeks you have the book in house. An email that the book has been sent is coming soon, but since it has to come from abroad, it will take a while before it is actually there.


For each child it will be fun to get a book in which he / she is the main character. Yet I am personally not enthusiastic. Because the book is unique for every child, the order and composition of the chapters also differs per name, the chapters follow each other rather suddenly. On the one page my daughter and I were still thinking of the pirates, the next page we found ourselves in the desert. There is no real transition between them.

The child

It will be difficult to write such a personal book without giving each page a unique shape for each child. You can see that in the texts. I have counted, there is about fifty times "the child" in the book. Sometimes three times per paragraph. That felt very distant, strange and impersonal for me. Although you can of course listen to this by reading aloud and just mention the name of your child.

Y is not an easy letter

My daughter is Yara. A personal property with a Y is difficult to come up with, so the first meaning to be associated with her name is Yahtzee. You play that with friends and you have to play honestly. Well, Yahtzee as a character trait is not entirely for me. But I confess that that's my fault. The Y is not an easy letter.
Finally, I read the book a month ago to my daughter for the first time on her sixth birthday. After that she never asked for it again, while I read daily. She does not seem very enthusiastic herself, but that can be her.


If you want to order this book, do it! I recommend to look at the contents when ordering. You will see the book, see if what is in it fits a little with your child and if it is to your liking. Do you do that and like what you see? Then I wish you a lot of fun reading this personal story!

Specifications The magic of my name

TitleThe magic of my name
AuthorDirk Hampel
IllustratorMarta Viader and Andrés Arcos
price26.90 euros

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