Pregnancy calendar - Week 19

How big?

Length± 22 cm
Weight± 250 grams
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After the first three months, the priorities of the fetus are no longer a rapid development, but a rapid growth.


Your baby is now starting to form stumps for what will later become the adult teeth. These grow behind the milk teeth. Your baby now drinks 12 ml of amniotic fluid per 24 hours every day. This he also pees out again. His kidneys filter it.


Chances are you start to feel your baby already. Just like there are bubbles in your stomach, or a butterfly. It may be that you are short of breath during this period. Your ribcage is pushed up a bit by your growing uterus.
With week 18 to week 21 a second trimester ultrasound (the so-called 20-week ultrasound) is possible. This ultrasound is used to look at neural tube defects, severe heart and / or kidney abnormalities, growth retardation of the fetus and abnormal amounts of amniotic fluid. Rebounding Ultronic waves make any deviations in the tissue visible. It gives a real diagnosis on, for example, Spina bifida, but gives no further certainty about the health of your child. The result is immediately known.
In week 19 it is possible to perform an umbilical cord puncture. This involves chromosome aberration, rare blood diseases and / or rhesus antagonism. The baby's blood is extracted from the umbilical cord via the abdominal wall. The result is very reliable and is known within three days. The risk for your child is 1%.


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It is important that you drink enough so that you can get rid of all waste products properly.
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